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My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I'm a gamer, anime fan, trans girl, and author/artist of the webcomic, Rain.
I played and beat a lot of games for the first time in 2021. Money's been a little tighter this year (while I save up for my teeth), so I haven't bought many new games compared to other years (and most of it was either on sale or very graciously gifted to me). So while I did get a few, most of my year has been spent with me starting on a new personal journey to play as many retro games as I can - mostly JRPGs - that I either simply missed in my childhood, or I was straight up never able to play (due to no localization). I received a controller for my phone this past year where emulation is surprisingly good, and so I ended up playing a lot while watching things. It's been a ton of fun, and extremely fulfilling for me. ^_^ *** And in terms of anime, I admit I watched a lot of duds this year. But the ones that were good... were really good. (And what was bad really sucked!) XD Most of the time, when I do these things, I'll do mini-reviews on my top three, but I... am not
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Rain next week. Get your umbrellas ready. ^_^
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That said... While I'm not ready for anything to go up today, and I'm still tired from yesterday, so I hope you'll forgive me for not having a fun gag or anything. However, as much as I hate advertising, this is the one day a year, I kinda have to (it seriously helps me out a lot). Thank you if you get anything; don't sweat it if you can't. You can get 30% off all print products at Lulu (like, say, Volumes 1-5 of Rain), if you use the coupon code, SAVE30. This runs from now until Monday, the 29th! You can also hop on over to RedBubble, and use the coupon code, CYBER5 to get anywhere from 20-60% off of everything. This deal will be running until Tuesday, the 30th!
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Remember me? Wow your not easy to find lol

Hello Jocelyn! Have you ever drawn an anime character by hand before? I used to have a charcoal drawing of a character from Shamanic Princess, but I lost it ages ago and she was so pretty.

By the way, one of my best friends is an early Gemini and a trans woman too. I think Geminis are cool not crazy. Aquarians are cool too, but very hard to come by like my ex or even Marina Inoue.

I really liked Rain, so thank you for drawing!

You are Vary Beauty

have you seen The Owl House?

Did something happen with Lulu? I can't find the Rain books.

Lulu changed their site recently, and for a little while, things were a little messy there. Some books did inexplicably disappear for a while during the change, but on my end they seem to be back now.

You can find them all so far here. :)