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The RainComicStore on Etsy is holding a charity promotion this week courtesy of my lovely wife, Kelly!  It's going to be held from today, December 14 to next Saturday, December 21st.

In her words:
"For each item sold at the RainComicStore, I will crochet a chemo-cap and donate it to Knots of Love.  I am holding this drive in honor of two special people I've lost in the past year: My childhood friend, Lauren Rousseau, who died tragically at Sandy Hook Elementary one year ago today.  The second, my close friend, Gail Zimmerman St. Louis, who lost her battle with lung cancer this past May.  When I have finished making all of the caps, I will post a picture of them."

In addition, I'd like to add that the genderfluid flag and hetero flag have been added to the roster of scarves we sell (along with trans, gay, bi, pan, ace, and genderqueer)!

For RainComicStore -…
For Knots of Love -

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  ^_^

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Just when I think you can't get anymore amazing... Well I'll be buying something ( I've been meaning to anyway). I've donated my hair to locks of love in honor of my mom's friend's daughter, and it's such an amazing feeling. I hope more people get involved!