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So, I saw an oncologist yesterday, and to keep things short because I really don't want to talk about it: more surgery is in my future (I'll go over full details another day).  I don't have a date yet, but I will let you know as soon as I do.

Take care, everyone.  

Encouragement and positive posts are much preferred to doom and gloom, if you please.  Thanks.  I appreciate it.  : )

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good luck jocelyn, be safe!!! 
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Good luck Jocelyn!
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It'll be okay, don't worry. There's some internet cookies waiting back here, if you'd like some. Mostly there's the wishes of a lot of people who are sure you'll get through this, just as you have everything else.
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All I can do is send internet hugs and best wishes your way. So I'm sending those in great amounts.
Good luck to you with your surgery and I hope the recovery is smooth and easy!
For every bad thing, that is happening, something good will happen.

Be happy!

Because of all the bad things that happened to you, some real nice must be waiting for you :D
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Good luck Jocelyn! You have my best wishes! :iconyuiglompplz:
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Here's hope that everything goes as well and with as little stress as possible. Well wishes for the surgery and as pleasant a recovery as possible.
Things will work out. Hang in there and keep is up to date. As always your health comes first and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
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Well I wish you luck, and hopefully everything goes okay.
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Well, that's ONE way to lose some weight. :D

I think there's an easier way or two. But you don't seem the type to do everything the simple way.
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I'm sure there are easier ways.  I actually gained weight following my last surgery.  ;P
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Guess it depends on where you started. I have friends under half my weight. And more than a foot shorter.
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Hey at least you got through the first one ok, right? youll be fine, im sure of it :D
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Your are beautiful and strong, you'll get through this and be fine. Sending positive thoughts and energy to you.  {{{HUGS}}}   Hug 
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Sending you love, light, warmth, and hugs! Everything will work out, hun! :)
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Sending good vibes your way!
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Stay strong Jocelyn, you are in my thoughts and I will send what positive energy I can your way.
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best of luck to you
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Hang in there! Never give up! *is shot before he finds a motivational kitten poster*
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But I'm a goth. Doom and Gloom is my bread and butter! Dark Angel 


In all seriousness, this is just fate intervening to get your closer to your goal. ^_~

Everything will be fine, sweetie. You know we're all here for you. :huggle:
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"this is just fate intervening to get your closer to your goal."

I don't want to seem like I'm singling you out or like I'm mad at you, because I know you mean well.  But let me just make it clear (to everyone) that no part of this is bringing me closer to my goal.  Cancer is not helping me and there is no silver lining.  If anything, my goal is pushed back because it's essential that I take care of this first.

I got a lot of comments like this last time (and worse yet, comments from people claiming to be jealous of my situation).  Seeing that kind of response while dealing with what I've endured was extremely upsetting for me.  This may be my own fault for trying to make light of it in the past, but I certainly didn't want to convey that any aspect of cancer is a good thing.  It's been five months of bullshit, and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

So, please, let's just leave that part out.  Thank you.
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I'm sorry sweetie. I wouldn't have said that if I thought it might have upset you... 
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 I know.  I know you'd never intentionally say anything that'd hurt me.   It's why I wanted to say how I felt about it.  Prevents the UNintentional hurting too.  ^_^
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