30 Days of Pride Challenge - Day 9

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Continuing the 30 Days of Pride Challenge. #30DaysOfPride

9. Do you identify with a certain ‘tribe’? Which one?
I'm not 100% sure I understand what this means. I have never heard anyone talk about what queer "tribe" they identify with. Like, part of me thinks it's just a fancy-sounding synonym for one's "label", but then why not just say that? And have I not already been saying I'm ace and trans everyday for the past week now? So I think I'm misinterpreting this. But it doesn't seem like any of my friends I've seen doing this challenge know how to answer this either, so at least it's not just me. XD

Thing is, it leaves me not knowing what to say. Soooo... uh... hmm...

This is totally unrelated but I went to see my new oncologist yesterday (the former one transferred to the veteran hospital). So my new doctor says that while I'm not "officially" pronounced cured until the five year mark, that the first 18 months after cancer is the high risk period when it's most likely to come back. And since I'm about 20 months with no new incidents (especially considering I had a very aggressive type of cancer), it's probably safe to say I'm in the clear with this one. I'll still get screenings and whatnot until five years are up, and that wasn't technically the purpose of yesterday's appointment, but it was a huge relief and was seriously amazing news to hear.

The actual point was that my SRS surgeon wanted a letter of clearance from my oncologist to be sure I'm okay for surgery. And he will attend to that too, so good day all around. ^_^

So I'll just make this somehow relevant and say I identify with survivor tribe. That's a thing, right? We'll go with that. XD

EDIT: A reader suggested that "tribe" might refer to one's "urban tribe, like goth, nerd, geek, emo, rocker, and so on."  I didn't consider that because I was expected something more LGBT-themed, I guess.  And while I still don't know if that's what's really being asked, I figured I'd address it all the same.

The catch is that I'm still not sure. I'm just a mutt of "tribes". I'm like some kind of combination of ultra-femmy geeky weeby gamer emo hippie metalhead artist (who is ace and trans). I'm what you call a good ol' fashioned clusterf***.

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I know that two-spirit is a gender identity pertaining to certain native american tribes so I don't know if it's suppose to be in reference to that or not? Either way it seem like a really weird question to ask as a general Pride-esque question.

Edit: Just read your edit, still kinda weird
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What tribe am I in? Um I don't know, in 2nd grade some dude who lives in a teepee came to my school, set up his teepee in the soccer field, and we all went inside it and he talked about native american life, his tribe, etc.

OK OK that wasn't my real answer (although that did really happen). Um I guess I'm like, anti-social. Kind of? I don't have any super close friends, like I don't really hang out with people that much, and usually the people you hang out with describe your quote unquote tribe, so there's no good way for me to answer this question :/
An Ace girl being a clusterf*** seems counterintuitive...

I'm just kidding, Jocelyn.   In all seriousness, i really dislike this human tendency to try and fit everybody and every thign into small clearly defined boxes.  even saying that makes me a hypocrite as I find myself doing exactly the same
This is a new term I've learned today. All I thought in reading that question was "Ooo, cultural diversity question? :D" because my background here pretty much has tribes (tribal backgrounds, ethnic roots, and other things along that line that didn't get my mind clicking with...anything here as familiar x3).
...And then I remembered I was adopted and didn't ask too much. Bluh. I:

>_> <.<
What does 'tribe' in this context mean anyway? ._. Was there guide questions following this one?
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Well looking at other's answers for guidance.

Well I've thought of myself as a demon fox...if that counts.

But really, labels suck.  It's nice for generalizing but everyone is different.  No label will describe two people perfectly, there will always be slight differences between people.
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Not quite sure what a "tribe" is, but I'm a fantasy geek, anime geek, symphonic/power metalhead, writer, and artist.
AshleyRex's avatar
I'm part of the "friend of the dark" tribe
That means people assume im emo but I really just have accepted my inner evils or darkness. By accepting my darkness, it allows me to be more true to myself and to help others. Then again, I could just be emo lol.
the-real-wolf-spider's avatar
Frankly I don't care that much about the idea of tribes.  I mean I am not really completely anti label but that doesn't mean I want every aspect of myself categorized off and put into boxes for people to see if they want to know about me.
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I don't know yet if I identify with one
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I believe I belong with the geeks, the bronies, and the furries.
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I think I would probably also answer this as being a clusterf***
cuz I am also all those things(except ace, because I'm Demi) but also a Steampunk and a Cyberpunk.

What kind of metal do you usually listen to?  I usually listen to "alternative metal" like Avantasia.
JocelynSamara's avatar
Avantasia is pretty good, but I've only ever listened to their Metal Opera, and I'm pretty sure they've put out more stuff since then, yes?  ^_^

Anyway, I never know specifically how to label my metal interests, because I've never been totally clear on what all the subdivisions mean.  But I usually say alt/prog/power/epic/symphonic metal because that usually seems to cover everything.  Or I'll just say I'm into stuff like Sonata Arctica, Within Temptation, Nemesea, Delain, Masterplan, Serenity, The Murder of my Sweet, Autumn, Machinae Supremacy, Krypteria, Redemption, Nightwish, Edguy and plenty of others.  My only thing is that I'm not into the "Cookie Monster voice".  If it's not overused, and there's another vocalist with a different kind of singing voice, I can put up with it, but I've never understood the appeal of that particular sound.  
Dorucario's avatar
I agree entirely about the "Cookie Monster voice"  And yea, Avantasia released another album more recently called "the scarecrow" which has some pretty great music in it.
Shelter From the Rain is one of the songs on there that I always felt had a kinda heroic feel to it and listen to when I use the Paladin transformation in Mabinogi(mmo where you can swap out the music with your own mp3 files)
You could probably hear it on youtube if you wanted.
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Sounds like you like a lot of the same music I like. I like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Xandria, Delain, Epica, Amaranthe, Kamelot, Sirenia, UnSun, and a bunch of others.
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Very happy to hear that things are going well, in terms of your health especially.  Good stuff! La la la la 
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