30 Days of Pride Challenge - Day 8

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Continuing the 30 Days of Pride Challenge. #30DaysOfPride

8. Who is your greatest supporter?

This one's easy.  My wife, Kelly.  She's my rock, and I don't think I could've ever made it this far without her. ^_^

Also, I hope this doesn't come off too pander-y, but my Rain Beaus really keep me grounded sometimes.  It's nice to know you're all there for me.  

Short and sweet today.  ^_^

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JamieAgathaRose's avatar
My therapist, also the friends I've made online.
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This is a hard choice... I guess it would be my mom, because despite not really supporting me in a lot of ways, she still pays for my counseling, which is very critical to my health.
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My greatest supporter is my mom.

I don't like her very much because she can be very rude, she invades my privacy, she's still with my dad even though he is a piece of garbage and has anger issues, she treats me like a child but expects me to act like an adult, etc. but still, she always wants to do what she thinks will be good for me. Granted, she is wrong a lot of the time, but I can tell she cares.
She drives me home from summer school, she makes me breakfast sometimes, she'll drive me to school if I miss the bus without yelling at me, she lets me have a lot of free time, she gives me a phone and my own laptop, she makes deserts for me, she buys cute clothes for me, etc. 

Even though I don't like who she is as a person, I can appreciate the nice things she does to support me.
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for people I've met offline, it's probably my friend who goes to the same church I do.
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I don't think I can pick a real standout.  My family and friends are all supportive.  No one really feels like "the one true supporter" really.
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Trigger warning, period mention
This is kinda what I wanted to say. My family all have certain ways they support me and put together you have a ots (One true supporter)
My mom does counseling, and she is working with my school regarding social transition.
My aunt gives me clothing, and teaches me tips she learned from the other trans girl of our family (may she rest in peace :( )
My cousins are like, expert adapters. I told them my preferred name and pronouns, they got it right from minute one. Not to mention, they already treat me like one of the girls. Though this can be awkward when my 8 year old cousin asks me when she will have her first period :P
The rest of my family is mostly absent, but each of them give me the three big things, respect, acceptance, and love <3

I probably should have put this as my post instead of what I did put lol.
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Good way to think about it.  My whole network is my "strongest supporter" looking at it that way :)
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I would say inspiredcreativity.

He's pretty much the only I can trust with my sexuality issues.
He helped me accept myself for who I am.
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Probably my high school's Gender-Sexuality Alliance and it's health nurse.

Though I imagine my grandpa would be if he was still alive...
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