30 Days of Pride Challenge - Day 7

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Continuing the 30 Days of Pride Challenge. #30DaysOfPride

7. Share something about your family.
Kind of vague, isn't it?  I'm not sure what to say. XD

I guess I'll just say that I'm very fortunate.  My mom, dad, brother, sister, and many of my extended family have all been very supportive since they learned about me.  There've been a few hiccups along the way, and I do regret that.  But I'm most sincerely grateful for what I do have, because I know many who don't.

That's why I'm happy that I can be a big sister figure for so many out there.  I regret that I realistically can't do much, but being able to lend an ear, or offer advice when I'm able, or just goofing off and talking about video games to distract from the real life drama for a little while; I feel like it's a small gesture, but I'm always happy to do it.  :)

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MyThoughs's avatar
Well I have a dog and she's really cute and adorable. LOL pretty generic.
Also fellow Rain fans, if ur reading this and considering getting a dog, please do! And adopt it from a shelter cuz there's lots of amazing dogs with no homes and they are sad and they would love to be your friend :) 
JamieAgathaRose's avatar
My family are douchebags. They don't accept me at all. Even before I came out they treated me like shit.

I know I've mentioned it before, but it never seems to change.
MyThoughs's avatar
Hey, my family are douchebags too (myself included), luckily they do accept the LGBT community though (except maybe my dad, idk how he feels about transgender. pretty sure he's accepting of all sexualities though.) 
Douchebag families for the win lol
PerilsOfRosella's avatar
You know I adore you- ALWAYS write to me if you need something. <3
AshleyRex's avatar
I'm sorry about all that. If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you
Dylgo's avatar
my parents have been very supportive of it. I haven't even started transitioning yet, but my mom is already helping me find resources to help me out. she sent me a link to a group that helps set up everything and holds these support gathering things. I'm very nervous about it all, but I have high hopes :)
AshleyRex's avatar
I wish you the absolute best luck,
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SerraBritt's avatar
Definitely a vague item.  I feel lucky that I was raised in a family that didn't harshly enforce gender stereotypes.  Sure I mean, gowing up assigned male I didn't wear dresses, but no issues if I wanted long hair, or paint my nails, or play with dolls...or want to be a ballerina when I grew up XD

No one in my immediate or extended family has been openly transphobic to me, nor to my parents or siblings.  Many of them don't understand at all but are always willing to learn and ask me questions, which I'm grateful for.
MyThoughs's avatar
low key enjoying the positive attitudes on this comment chain :)
SerraBritt's avatar
I hope one day everyone will have the experience I did growing up, at least with their own family.  I feel like if family at least has your back, it's easier to face the rest of the harsh world.
AshleyRex's avatar
Your family is a dream family, never let them go lucky duck :)
SerraBritt's avatar
Thanks.  I used to feel guilty about it "why do I get to be so lucky when other people's parents are unaccepting" but I realized the best way to help was to put myself out there and teach everyone I can so one day everyone can have parents and family like I do.
AshleyRex's avatar
I often feel guilty because my mothers side of the family is so accepting, because despite not being able to prevent puberty, and not having any say in my life health and happiness due to my father's medical custody, I still am able to present and be accepting as who I truly am, and I don't know anybody irl who is so privileged. But, because I have said privilege, I spend my days supporting my friends who suffer silently because their family would hurt them. I stay up almost every night waiting for that one person who will be about to commit the most desperate of all actions to escape the pain. I stay up to save those who can't save themselves. And in doing so,I have grown to appreciate this lot in life. Because if I wasn't so lucky, several people who I know, wouldn't have came into my life, and quite possibly wouldn't be alive. What the few among us with accepting families can do to help others is amazing, and I am thankful that it's a possibility even now. Someday, I hope that what you work towards comes to pass, so that all of us can live our lives knowing that we are loved by family, and nobody will have those dark nights where all seems lost.
SerraBritt's avatar
Even if only half, I'm glad you have accepting family members.  And I'm glad you want to help people who don't.  Let's continue working towards a better future for all.
the-real-wolf-spider's avatar
Complicated.  My sister is a personal matter.  My dad I always kind of think is a bit full of himself but fairly open minded.  My mom is a bit close minded.  She has proclaimed ro be okay with transgender but her attitude reeks of in the closet discrimination.  Most of my uncles aND aunts are okay.  A couple of them are a bit odd.  The ones I don't get along with...well...their daughter becoming a nurse is considered progressive in their family.  Otherwise the only reason they sent their daughters to college was to find a husband.  
AshleyRex's avatar
Your family sounds just *lovely*. I hope that they can learn to change for your and others sake
TheEasternEmpress's avatar
My grandpa saw the Bismarck sink
AshleyRex's avatar
My entire mothers side of the family is amazing., especially my aunt Jacky. My mother is rather spontaneous, like for example ,just today, after asking for weeks, she surprises me after my counseling appointment by taking me to get my ears pierced!
My fathers family are all transphobic and narcissistic. I dont speak to them though, so I live without there poison
CaldoRosa's avatar
I love them but I'm not close to them.
All my parents care about is my education.
My brother can get very angry with very little effort.
My sister doesn't seem to want anything to do with me.
And I'm pretty much the loner.
AshleyRex's avatar
I'm so sorry about that...
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