30 Days of Pride Challenge - Day 4

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Continuing the 30 Days of Pride Challenge. #30DaysOfPride

4. Who was your first celebrity crush?
I don't know how to answer this one, actually. I've never really been into celebrities. Personality affects my attraction to someone, and oftentimes learning more about celebrities outside of the characters they play or content they create spoils the magic. I honestly can't think of a good example at the moment, but I'm more likely to crush on characters. Like, if Actress A is in Movie B, I might be very smitten with her portrayal of Character C on screen. But I might not feel the same about other characters she's played. I might not even like the actress herself, but she played someone that I had a thing for at one point. Either way, my mind just associates the person and the character as someone who was never in my league anyway, so I never took those crushes that seriously.

Is that weird? XD

I hope this isn't too much of a copout, but with everything I just said, I can't honestly remember who my first ever was. As consolation, I think the first specifically male character I've ever felt attracted to was Ianto Jones from Torchwood. I've never seen that actor in anything else, and can't vouch for him as a person, but that (somewhat ironically) was the one that first made me think I might not be totally lesbian after all. There were surely plenty of female characters before him, but I don't remember who was the first.


Also, our source of transportation for my SRS date bailed on us unexpectedly, leaving us with a short span of time to come up with fair bit more money than we anticipated needing. I'm stressed enough without this kind of garbage, but my superhero of a wife came to the rescue by setting up a YouCaring page for me. If you can spare a little bit to help out, we'd be eternally grateful. If not, just sharing the page and spreading it around would still mean the world to us.  Thank you so much. 

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MyThoughs's avatar
My first celebrity crush was probably a book character but IDK who, I was too young lol. My first real celebrity crush was Matpat from The Game Theorists (I don't have a crush on him anymore but still love watching Game Theory). My current celebrity crush, based on looks alone (I don't know much about her) is Vanessa Hudgens because hot damn.
FenrirDarkWolfe's avatar
I really don't have one. Celebrity crushes don't really interest me.
ALTHOUGH, I will admire a person for their looks haha
flex35's avatar
I think I am the same (in the rare time that I do crush over a character), I tend to crush over a character and not the actress (and I tend to feel bad that I can never remember the actresses name or what other characters she has play). I think the only celebrities I do crush on are internet celebrities since they tend to interact more openly with fans, making it harder to hide who they are as a person and if they were an awful a person, chances are they wouldn't last long.
Definitely noone. And still noone.
StreamSecret's avatar
Yeah, I don't think I've ever really had a celebrity crush. 
SerraBritt's avatar
As I am attracted to looks, I have had several celebrity crushes.  The first one I remember was Demi Moore.  There might have been some before, and there have been a LOOOOT after >.>  I get attracted to looks, voices, characters....

But so saying most of these are brief.  There's a big difference in who I am attracted to, and who I'd actually want a relationship with, thankfully.
CaldoRosa's avatar
I don'k know if this one counts but it was Belinda, a Mexican singer.
Maybe because she had an awesome voice and I loved her album that I owned.
Dorucario's avatar
I agree with you.
Mine woulda been either Sakura from Cardcaptors, or Kari from Digimon.
Neither of which are the actors themselves.
AshleyRex's avatar
I agree with lynn here, the whole idea of the celebrity never really took to me. I find more attraction in the personality, and more respect from the persons merit. Celebrities seem to lack a lot regarding my preferred idea of merit, which is probably my own problem, and their personalities are so fake that I honestly don't consider their public identity a real person, but rather a mask In which they hide their problems from the world.
So lynn, if you're wierd for not liking celebrities, then we are wierd together :)
TheEasternEmpress's avatar
I'd have to say Kelly Hu...
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