30 Days of Pride Challenge - Day 3

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Continuing the 30 Days of Pride Challenge.  #30DaysOfPride

3. Who was your first (real-life) crush?
There was a girl who sat directly in front of me in my homeroom in sixth grade. She dyed her hair a bright pink for Halloween, and I was just in love. And then I never said anything because I was shy as hell and still am. The end. XD Seriously though, I'm pretty sure we graduated high school together, but I don't recall ever saying two words to her. Considering I'm happily married now, I don't consider this a loss. Honestly, I forgot about that girl until I read this question. XD

The question specifies "real life", but it's very likely that Rydia from Final Fantasy 4 and/or Sailor Mercury were actually my first crushes (though I'm not 100% sure which one came first).


Also, our source of transportation for my SRS date bailed on us unexpectedly, leaving us with a short span of time to come up with fair bit more money than we anticipated needing.  I'm stressed enough without this kind of garbage, but my superhero of a wife came to the rescue by setting up a YouCaring page for me.  If you can spare a little bit to help out, we'd be eternally grateful.  If not, just sharing the page and spreading it around would still mean the world to us.  Thank you so much.  


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My first crush was my best friend in 5th grade and onward. It took me a while to realize I'd had a crush on him that whole time though, and admitting it was what made me realize I was bi.
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I've never had a crush.
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My first crush was a girl in 1st grade.  Super cute, really nice, and didn't mind my girlish tendencies.  According to my mom, however, I had a "girlfriend" in kindergarten o.O
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My first crush was the guy who sat next to me in 3rd grade... He always smiles so big, like always, even now that we're in high school. If you see him walking down the hallway, he will just have this massive, teeth-showing, unapologetic grin on his face. It is kind of cute (although I don't have a crush on him anymore lol, that lasted like a year maximum). I used to be really bad at math and he's super good at it, actually he takes math classes a year ahead now, and he would always help me with it and encourage me and tell me I wasn't bad at it and AAAHH it swept 3rd grade me off my tiny little feet. Now most of my crushes are girls LOL. What can I say, they got really pretty all of a sudden (except for my ugly self haha)
I dont think I have. Which is weird. Given I had a lot of sexual partners when I was trying so hard not to be ace. Also when I am now happily polyromantic. But the idea of a crush is still alien and weird.
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I guess, my first real crush was this guy in 5th grade, he was super popular and attractive (for us wee fifth graders) anyway.
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It was with a girl in elementary school. To me, there was no one more beautiful than her. But I was incredibly shy around her. I acted like an idiot whenever I was close to her.
I never talked to her and she has a boyfriend now and part of me regrets not talking to her.
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I threw in $10, hope it helps!

My first crush was on a girl in elementary school, though i never did anything about it
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My first crush was one of my friends in middle school. He and I related a lot and he later came out as gay so I never got to tell him how I felt. We are still good friends though :)
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a girl i was friends with in elementry school, had a crush on her all the way into high school when I eventually found out she had a boyfriend already.  At that point I sorta shifted the feelings to more just being glad she was happy.
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Probably one of the girls in my ninth grade social studies class
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