30 Days of Pride Challenge

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So, it's Pride month, and I've seen a few of my friends doing this "30 Days of Pride Challenge".  The idea is that every day, you answer a question to reflect on how far you've come in your journey to acceptance and love.  I decided that I too would like to do this.  I thought I'd share my answers here on DA too.  #30DaysOfPride

1. Share your name, age, and identity. Share a picture of yourself.
Jocelyn Samara.  Debatably 32 years old.  I'm a happily married panromantic asexual trans girl.  What a mouthful, right?  Also, I'm a gamer, anime fan, Amiibo fanatic, and author/artist of a lot of stories, but most notably, dramedy webcomic, Rain.  Oh, and yes, that's not a trick of the light; my hair has green stripey goodness.  It's going to get greener though, so expect a more official-er pic in the near future.  XD

Also, since it IS June 2nd, I should post the second question too, but I'll put that up a little bit later.  ^_^

And please, feel free to join in as well, whether in the comments below or on your own profile (if you safely can).

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I'd really wish to start writing one of these (ever since getting inspired in knowing these months and things are really real :D [it's different on this side of the world. Information is scarcer]).

But then crushing shyness ._. I wonder how it all started for you though--truly inspiring. ^ ^