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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

238 trans people were murdered worldwide in the past year.…

For more information:


As I say basically every year: I ask that you at least take a moment out of your day to just reflect on this... or if you know someone (besides me) who is transgender, just give them a hug or tell them you're there for them... or if YOU are transgender, just be strong, love yourself, and don't be afraid of who you are.

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I shall save this date, and every year on this date I will tell my onee-chan how much I love her and to keep being strong :3
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That day is pretty much a reminder that I could be murdered at any time.
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Well, I don't want to sound like an asshole or anything; but I think these sorts of days are sort of.. .Wrong or un-needed.
Not that I have anything against transgender people, or anyone, but why not just have it as a day for people murdered/killed? Not just one group, gender, age, race, or whatever.. But as you said, one murder is too much. 

But rather recently, there was something on Google; as "International day for violence against women" or something; it was beyond me of why they didn't just have it as "International day against violence". It just bothers me how something can't be grouped to be more collective, then singular.
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I'm sure there's something for violence in general. Remembering lost lives isn't unneeded and certainly not wrong
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I'd like to reprint this at the Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomic archive (see…, please.
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By all means!  ^_^
I wanted to say many thing today but they are for a other time. insted I lite a candle in there memory.
DragonSlayerNatsu200's avatar
Not to be a jerk but it's their**
YamiPirogoeth's avatar
...reading this and knowing the absolute travesty that makes me want to cry...for them and all before them that were murdered. And as others have's things like this that make me hesitant to tell anyone...I only know a small handful of people IRL that know...
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There are no words.
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This is always a hard day to get through; I've cried three other times already, and this is already making me sniffle again.  Why there's so much's just staggering.  TO those who are gone, we'll always miss you.  To those still here, please, be careful and don't let yourself become another one of these statistics...we need you all here.
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
This is sad...anytime a fellow human is killed isn't good but when people are just trying to live their lives the way they want...that can somehow make it worse.
ZEPHIEL's avatar
May they rest in peace, and their wavelengths are reborn within their true desired genders. 
DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar
Let's spread love, not hate. :|
Pronce's avatar
Uhg. This is so upsetting... I didn't know this was so... like this.

And the way people were killed... just imagining being in that situation, I don't know how anyone could do that, no matter how vastly different your views. Because really, it's not something that's hurting anyone at all, so why is it so 'horrible' people feel like killing is totally OK. What about what those people could have contributed to the world?

Doesn't this scare you? I don't understand how you can be so open and strong against this kind of information...

Harm0nicCha0s's avatar
Wait, were they killed BECAUSE they were transgendered or were they transgendered and JUST HAPPEN to be murdered?
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
Either way I'd say it is a bad thing if someone is murdered.
JocelynSamara's avatar
BECAUSE they were transgender.
Harm0nicCha0s's avatar
Oh, well that's terrible...
falsewarrior's avatar
just one death is terrible! why people kill each other over this kind of stuff is just confusing, to each there own
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