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Slave to the Empire

Feb 11 '07

Thanks to replaying Final Fantasy 6 again via the new GBA remake, I got a couple really neat fanart ideas I wanted to do. Maybe there'll be more FF6 art in the future. This one is of Terra, still wearing the Slave Crown in the way beginning.

Um... I both like and hate this picture. The Magitek Armor she's piloting looks ridiculously silly. Machines were never my strong point, but I suppose I can't get better lest I do it more.
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You really do have a good idea of making her blank and emotionless for this picture, though i also imagined her to slightly tear in that blank face. Like she is still aware of what she's doing.
Your problem with the Magitek armor is mostly that it is much smaller than it should be, but it really is important you continue to draw machines, you really never know when you may need the knowledge. The army green is a good touch and I really pictured the Super NES sprites to appear a lot like this if bigger. Such good memories, fire might be better by using airbrushing, but that is a theory that needs to be tested first. Poor Tina/Terra (unsure which one was better to me, though its leaning toward Terra)
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Yeah, this is a really old piece now. If I were to drawing it again today, it might look a bit different, albeit it would probably still be far from perfect. The tear idea of yours is good though; I like that.

Oh, and she'll always be Terra to me. And green-haired, not blonde. ^_^
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I really didn't see much of Amano-sama's art when I was younger, so I always assumed she was always had a mossy green hair, like a maiden of the swamps (Terra was how I've grown to call her).

It's interesting you said how it would turn out, but I guess you know your hand better than I do. As far as expression, I just try to understand what a slave crown would do to you,. I guess it makes sense that it would feel like your mind is still trying to fight despite that its seeing its own body submit. It really would be a sad feeling.
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I find it cute and funny ^-^