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RAIN p999 - Out the Doors

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So, there's the back entrance.  Maria's made her way there at last.  Now for... a little reunion.  Perhaps too little as Rudy and Chanel couldn't make it.  Hopefully, they catch up later?

And as a great big explanation to mostly irrelevant note, I'd like to address Gavin holding an umbrella here, because as you might recall, he didn't have one when he got to school.  And while Rain and Emily shared an umbrella, Emily was the one holding it, and I kinda imagined it still being in her locker or something.  Now, Maria and Rudy DID have umbrellas, but Maria wasn't going to waste time going to her locker just for that while on the run.  This leaves Rudy's umbrella, which I decided he would lend to Rain and Gavin off-screen while they stood outside waiting.  The catch is, you can't tell because this page is a monochrome flashback and the page depicting Rudy bringing his umbrella in, I trimmed the panel down to where it's only very barely visible.

None of this is important!  But to avoid accusations of plotholes, I just wanted to explain that the umbrella situation wasn't meant to be so esoteric.  My bad.  I just didn't want these kids getting drenched is all.  XD

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Great friends Rain and Gavin true friends keep together no matter what happens laughing Rudy is laughing though the pain of it.
WubMeister's avatar
Can't wait for page 1000 tomorrow
Can't believe we'll've got this far~
I just read all 999 pages in 3 days cant wait for next one (:
mhtg's avatar
Of course we never really got to see their in universe umbrellas in color and out, so I imagine they are these RAIN - Solo Chibi Set 1 by JocelynSamara
gungho1000's avatar
You beat me to it >-<
mhtg's avatar
it was the first thing I thought.
mathieutrudelle's avatar
close to the 1000 page wow
FaebornStarseed's avatar
Next is page 1000! Omg, it's so exciting!
GenderChaos's avatar
Since we're in attention-to-detail mode, I will note that Maria's blush in panel 4 and 6 should ...maybe be visible in panel 5, but it's not?
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Almost 1000 pages of the main Rain comic! You've done a fantastic job to get to this point Jocelyn, and I look forward to seeing what comes next! :happybounce: 
flex35's avatar
I bet, right now, Chanel is more concerned about Maria's safety, over anything thing she could be upset about. Right now, I am glad that Rain and Gavin are there to wait with Maria. As much as we all know, that Maria will be safe, I'd still feel sad, if Maria had to wait alone, in the Rain.

On another note, I am hope and/or looking forward to, the next page being, Chase pulling up and any and all dialog that happens then. ^_^
flex35's avatar
Even though no one caught my mistake. I meant Blair, not Chase. You know, Emily's ex who would make a good hiding place for Maria.
beez1717's avatar
Omg the next page is 1000 already? Congrats!
NewAnarchy197's avatar
Just one more page and we'll be at the four digit pages. Shame I might not get to read it the day it comes out.
Undertaker972's avatar
At least her friends are there to see her off
reikkko's avatar
Is my imagination, or you put more time explaining about the umbrellas than coloring the page?
Ah, it's in Monochrome. Then yes, you did XD.

Now seriously: 
It would be cute to see a hug between Maria and Channel before the run into hiding, but the situation isn't precisely perfect now. Still, Rain and Gavin are good frineds that always know what to say (Except when not XD), so I think Maria can be at peace with them helping in the last stage of the escape.
I only hope that the place where she is going to hide is better than her house. (But since that isn't really difficult... I doubt there is going to be a problem XD)
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Page 1000 this Friday! It's been such a ride...
TimteeTheGamer's avatar
Predictions for the 1000th comic?
the-real-wolf-spider's avatar
In a twist on a classic tale, Father Quentin is visited by 3 consecutive spirits, The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost who teach him not to be a prick.

Oh serious suggestion? I don't know. One thing that I doubt would happen but maybe kinda cool I guess, Kellen comes to the school to talk to Rain and apologize, finds out what happened with Maria and knowing very well how sh*t parents can be helps out unexpectedly. 
CrazyChief's avatar
Oh man right in the feels
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