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RAIN p986 - Coping Mechanisms

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I'm very sorry for the weekend cliffhanger.  If it's any consolation, I think this page offers much to discuss in the meantime.  I mean, Rudy says a lot here.  So I wanna hear what you're taking away from this. 

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Okay...damn, this page is powerful. Just...the way he calmly says all of that, it...makes me think of my friends. And it makes me glad we're not alone.
LostPadawan's avatar
He who plays the fool and jester, may often be the saddest of all. The writing is so good right here I can literally hear Rudy’s every word.
Musicallover1234's avatar
Just hoe fans normally have expected Rudy handling things to act like, kind of just trying to get the laughs and fun. 
FaebornStarseed's avatar
Finally someone says something.
minneal's avatar
Having a bad past gives a reason to being a douche, but it doesn't make it acceptable.
paradoxicalWitchling's avatar
Where's Father Quentin when you need him!?
Decibel404's avatar
Rain x Rudy is still canon in my head (TдT)
poor rudy :/ everybody wants to give him a hug... he deserves every hug and more Dx
LostPadawan's avatar
In other words Todd, life is tough but you don’t need to be a douche canoe. For instance, I just learned my aunt has liver failure. You don’t see me holding drunks by their shirt collar. Are actions are almost always ours. No matter how hard life is around us, we need to know what we do is on us. We need to remember that. Those who don’t, those who refuse to change, those who are simply douche bags to everyone around them, are doomed to fail. If we don’t work to be better, we only get worse.
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
Sometimes you just have to let everything out...even to someone you didn't expect. Who knows? Maybe Rudy saying this will make Todd realize that everyone has problems and his won't be fixed by beating people up. Todd is not a good person but perhaps he isn't irredeemable.

Maybe I just hope that there is hope for everyone.
Those who smile the most, laugh the most, try to help the most, tend to also be the ones who need the most help as well. I relate so much to Rudy here it hurts, and today was a bad day for me. But I will continue to keep it together for everyone else, and know that when I start to fall, they'll be there to bring me back up like i've done for them. Keep hold of those connections most dear, you'll need them someday just as much as they need you.
TheEasternEmpress's avatar
As the saying goes, the happiest people are often the saddest. 
mathieutrudelle's avatar
rudy... i hear you bro complatly understanding...
ProfessM's avatar
What was that loud thud sound? Oh its just Rudy and his massive balls.
GenderChaos's avatar
If he could detach them, he'd be unbeatable at the bowling alley! = D
ProfessM's avatar
Or good at knocking down old buildings.
admiralmeep's avatar
Now... Normally I would come up with something eloquent to say or something simple like "this is true," but rather, I'm speechless right now.  I deal with depression similar to Rudy b/c my immediate family doesn't care for me.  I have to turn to the state and I've only 2 people to help me through the ordeal.  Nobody else to help me through this.  This is hard for me.  And to see Rudy stand up like this puts tears into me eyes.  it really does...  Because he's standing up to someone that's been bullying him for a while, while I on the other hand can't without getting backlash from my parents.  Some families are just too dangerous to report without serious consequences.  But if we can't cope, then there are 3 ways out, running away, reporting, or *drops head.*  With that said though.  Good job Rudy.  My back is to ya.
season-walker's avatar
I wish I was even half as eloquent as Rudy in difficult situations.
flex35's avatar
I'm guessing, his eloquent manor comes from years of dealing with that kind of abuse, from both parents and bullies, and doing his best to not lose his cool. I hope you find a better way, to become that level of eloquent.
flex35's avatar
I'm kinda surprised, that through out Rudy's speech, Todd wasn't saying "Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up", while possibly crying, since I could see Todd taking that as being too real for him. Now cue Todd's flash back pages, coupled with some form of redemption, then followed by all the girls ganging up on him for what he's put them through (well, he can't be let off scott free, for what he's done).
Undertaker972's avatar
I feel your pain Rudy. While i havent been through nearly as much, i do like making my friends laugh to feel better. You'll get through it one day, just gotta keep the faith
Madness-Made-Fresh's avatar
Daaaaang! Rudy just got deep!
FlutterRain's avatar
*girl in the back of the hallway* "WOOO! THATS RIGHT!"
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