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RAIN p905+906 - About Prom

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Suuuuper wordy pages!  Originally, this was meant as one page, and then I kept remembering other things I needed to say.  Probably not the most eloquent of pages, as a result.  Sorry for that.

But in favor of keeping the blurb short, I turn this to you.  Thoughts?  What might this all mean for everyone?

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

I know people have been telling me to do this for years, so if anyone's interested, we finally started a Patreon.
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Hi, if it's not too much...I would like advice from anyone with this experience. I have a web comic entitled Cocoon, which is basically about a girl named Madeleine who needs to accept the fact that she is no longer a child, and must become part of today's harsh world. Throughout the entire comic she is surrounded by a fantasy imaginary universe of her creation, and it slowly turns on her as the "evil" is unleashed. However the cast is a bit too...bland. Apart from Madeleine, the character consist of a shy girl named Lola, an extrovert eccentric named Divinia, and a mysterious boy. But...they don't have a deep complex. So far during my design stages (the comic is about to be submitted) I have decided that both Lola and Divinia have incredible potential to be given different gender identities, and sexual orientations. However, I am about as straight as it gets and I'm afraid if I try to portray something like that, I'll do it wrong. All I want to know is what I should do. If someone who has that experience could help me...I would be very grateful. Thank you for reading all of this, and sorry I cannot provide you with a photo reference of the two characters just yet, but if you respond I may have one ready for you.
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A surprise for the characters that is not much of a surprise for the audience.  Nifty. ^_^

Can't say I'm all that surprised that Father Quenton doesn't like to bother with prom.  I mean, its just a mechanism to encourage the children to partake in the wine coolers and promiscuous dry humping... or something like that maybe?  Is that anyone else's prom experience?  Wink/Razz 
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906 panel 5 remember the old emily. Little miss perfect. She was popular with everyone before halloween.
Nubbybub's avatar
im looking forward to the prom dresses most of all if im being honset
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I gotta admit, I kept expecting Rain to bring up, how two certain people made certain comments, that misgendered her. But I think I enjoyed the prom talk more than any possible pity party dialog, plus I hope the prom talk helps to talk Rain's mind off of what happened earlier.
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That "!" Moment is so cute!
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School events were never really my thing so I never actually ended up going to my prom, but still prom is probably a pretty busy school function and I would assume that Emily would be right and that the school would not care if two girl were dancing together. Knowing the lay out Emily probably has a plan to get Chanel in as well.
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i really hope thy can find a way to get Chanel into the prom, it'll suck if she can't go too
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I went to a Christian school, and dances were usually girls' things. The girls would park the boys in chairs at tables, and then go all dance together. It resulted in some hardcore WTF moments for me, when I did actually try going.

And when I confronted one of the girls about it, she gave me a line about boys "just standing there scratching your butts!"
Proves that girls can be jerks as well.
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I'm more amazed by her detailed 'experience' with prom then actually going to more then one.
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I'm trying to think of who's left that could take Chanel...and I'm coming up empty XD
dawnflower8's avatar
Randy could take Chanel. 
SerraBritt's avatar
Oh right!  He's still supposedly available, as in we don't know if he's agreed to go with anyone yet :)
MadMan400096's avatar
Somehow, I'm not surprised.
Undertaker972's avatar
I figured as much. Carver was a year older than her so of course she went to prom with him. Now that shes a senior, she can go again. But i do wonder how they'll get Chanel in
JamieAgathaRose's avatar
Metal Gear Solid box?
SailorDolly's avatar
They could fit her into a backpack . . .
Undertaker972's avatar
One can only hope xD
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
I really want this to happen! Complete is a weird boss fight!
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Do they not know about Carver, that guy she dated? 

Also, Emily totally has a plan to get Chanel in. I know it.
JocelynSamara's avatar
Excellent point!  Maria, Gavin, and Rudy would know about Carver, as they were going to the school last year when Emily was with him.

This is Rain and Chanel's first year at St. Hallvard though, so they'd likely never have met him.  And there hasn't been much reason to bring him up to them so far.
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I thought Rain was present in the conversation about Carver, but I checked back, and nope, she wasn't there. 
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