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RAIN p904 - First Choice

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Another hiatus ends, and lets hope there's no more for a long time.  ^^;

Because of the breaks I've had to take, I fear the flow and timing are a bit off with this one now.  I mean, cute and silly pages are usually pretty well liked, but if you've forgotten, this is following a series of gut punches that this chapter has primarily been until now.  So the shift in tone, I feel, seems a little more sudden than I originally meant for it too.  Hopefully, it's not too jarring.

(Of course, anyone reading through this chapter months from now, will probably have no idea what I'm talking about.)  XD

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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Luinta's avatar
RAINILY FOREVER *waves flags emblazoned with a frying pan in the rain*
FaebornStarseed's avatar
It seems she shipped them with her fangirling.
gungho1000's avatar
Rudily forever... jk
Heliomance's avatar
Panels 4 and 5 are the cutest things ever .their expressions are absolutely perfect
SierraRebecca's avatar
Okay, Lynn, that little circular pic with Rain in the last panel is literally perfect for an avatar. You've been noticing me, haven't you? XD
Discords-Advocate's avatar
The last few pages were slowly killing me inside so I needed this!
Undertaker972's avatar
Chanel is so cute. Rain really needed this
beez1717's avatar
Eeeeeee indeed!!!
LauraRola's avatar
Chanel squees light up the whole room. ^_^
flex35's avatar
Aw ya, the amount of positive energy Chanel is able to project, it is hard to have a bad day, when she gets excited ^_^ . ... And the next day, everyone in their group knows about Rain and Emily, all because Chanel figured it out.

Also, if months from now, if people ask about the hiatus, just tell them you were too busy, saving the world from utter doom and disappear in a poof of rainbows before they have a chance to ask anymore questions ... or tell the truth, which ever.
Musicallover1234's avatar
So Rain is back yeah, truly though Chanel is a bit too happy to see that Rain and Emily are together though Rain probably needs that after her day, and it is pretty cute and made me smile always a good thing to smile and Chanel is super cute as well work great given some of the pages topics in this chapter to have a fun page is needed.
isha-quetzal's avatar
Nothing better than cuteness and sweetness, especially after gut punches. I mean, cuteness and sweetness are great anytime, of course, but they're especially welcome after one's had the kind of horrible day Rain had. 
Neshi-Farfarer's avatar
I second the motion, your honour! Agreed so very much.
SerraBritt's avatar
Squee!  SQUEE!!!

Chanel's face right there was the same as mine when Sis confirmed Rainily XD
NowiGreen's avatar
Yes! This will be do cool!!
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