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RAIN p903 - Segue

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Rain arrives at her lunch table after the world takes a break from sucking for her for a little while.  Nobody but Chanel is there yet?  I wonder where they're all at. >_>

Not much else to say about the scene as it's mostly transitional.  I wouldn't say it's all happy and great now, but there may be a shift in topic and tone for the rest of the chapter (yes, it's all relevant though; Rain even said the chapter title here!) 

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Also, I think I've mentioned that I'm moving this weekend.  Between packing, cleaning, and a myriad of other tasks to do all week, I just barely squeaked this page out on time.  I'm not prepared for updates next week at all either.  Even without the move, I still have a pretty unusually hectic week coming up too.

So, loathe as I am to do this, in favor of having one less thing to worry about, there will be no new pages next week.  I really hoped I could avoid this, but I'm being pulled from all directions as is.  I'm incredibly sorry for doing this for a second time in the middle of a chapter (the same chapter, no less).  Life's been unusually crazy for me.  But as always, you have my sincerest thanks for your continued patience and support.  Posting WILL resume on May 22nd though!  I should be in the new place and situated by then (with nothing else going on for a while).

Take care, Rain Beaus!  See you in a week!
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Well, I finally did it. I caught up. Not just with the comic--I was caught up with the comic months ago. Today, I finished reading every comment on every page of the comic on all three websites!

Rain is one of the most inspiring comics I have read. But as wonderful as the comic itself is, I'm even more amazed at the community that sprung up around it. Getting to read the life stories of other people reading the comic and struggling with queer issues in their own lives incredible. There is no other comic I am aware of with such an open and vibrant fanbase.

On a semi-unrelated note:
I'm somewhat frustrated that the only format for purchasing the Rain books is print.
Gumroad is an online digital store aimed at independent artists and writers who can communicate directly with their fanbase. A lot of webcomic authors sell ebooks through Gumroad.
Hivemill is a webcomic-specific site that sells both ebooks and physical merchandise for webcomics by independant creators. It even has a section specifically for queer-focused comics.

There are of course other ways for webcomic creators to sell ebooks, but those two sites seem to be the easiest.
So...any chance we could see PDF versions of the Rain books? I tend to move a lot, and so bringing printed books with me from one home to another is hard. But I do have money to spend on Rain, if you are ever able to sell the books digitally. I know that making a PDF out of an existing book requires a nonzero amount of work, but I know there are Rain Beaus who would gladly pay for a PDF version of the compilations.

And yea, it is possible for someone to just download all the individual pages of the online comic, but if I do that, then you don't get my money, and I don't get to read chapters A through D :(
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Chanel an Rain talking is a nice thing considering the way that Rain's day has gone I still think that she needs to have Emily because she will help her feel needed and wanted and loved as a girl, in addition she also has Aunt Fara that will help her feel everything she needs.
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Rain in panel 5 just gonna say... Tooooo Cuuuuuute.
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Ok, as someone who's not trans there's something I've been wondering. What are the surgeries that Rain and other trans people need to help get everything to match and punch dysphoria in the face?
SerraBritt's avatar
There's a few different ones.  First, surgeries that transwomen consider:
Facial feminization: Getting plastic surgery to remove heavily masculine traits just as a chin cleft, deep jaw, etc.
Adam's apple removal: If you have a highly visible Adam's apple, this can help reduce it's visibility.
Breast augmentation: Self explanatory.
Bottom surgery: Used to be called SRS (Sexual reassignment surgery), now more commonly referred to as GCS (Gender confirmation surgery).  This is to change the "man parts" into "lady parts".

And surgeries that transmen might consider: (I am not familiar with all of these so I might be missing some.)
Top surgery: Remove those breasts.
Bottom surgery: This is to change "lady parts" into "man parts".

(Quotes for the "man/lady parts" above because I want to make sure no one thinks that parts determine gender!)
Not everyone wants everything.  Surgery has some dangers of course. Some feel these to be truly necessary so they can avoid seeing the "wrong" self in the mirror, and of course being able to present more easily in their gender.
Hope this is helpful!
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It is cause the only ones I had any knowledge on were top surgery for trans men and bottom surgery for both. And I only learned about them from the internet and a book I read once when I was ten or eleven years old that was about a trans man.
SerraBritt's avatar
I believe there are more specialized ones as well.  I'm definitely no expert, because the only one I wish for myself is bottom surgery.  And that's really only for myself since it won't change how I present :)
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Your dedication towards keeping a regular update schedule is admiral, Jocelyn. I've seen other webcomic artists drop into haitus' over far less.

On that note though, from what I've researched, feeling 'unfeminine' can be a temporary side effect of hormones...Rain's in a unique position, having been living as a woman long before she started hormones, but for those transgirls who are more physically masculine from the get-go, suddenly growing breasts can actually highlight their masculine traits. "The closer you get, the further you realize you have to go." At least until the other, subtler changes set in.

But this is speaking from random gleaning. Still have yet to transition myself. ^^;
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Sneak Chanel in, huh?  Eh, with a big enough dress, that might be possible, since she's so tiny.  But that would still be kinda difficult, since most of the girls in the cast are not much taller than her relatively.
paradoxicalWitchling's avatar
That's why you make Gavin wear the big dress. :)
SerraBritt's avatar
Ana is almost as tall as Gavin, so let's have her do it.  I think Gavin in a big dress would just be a distraction that could be used as an alternate way to sneak Chanel in though XD
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Why can't students attend the prom without a partner? Or at least seemingly without one?
TenaKitten's avatar
Right. Thank you ^.^;
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The cuteness of the sarcasm in panel 5 is deadly. 
SilverRoseStorys's avatar
the prom is only for the seniors and there Dates, and she is not a senior...
TenaKitten's avatar
I forgot about that. Thank you ^.^;
SilverRoseStorys's avatar
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Dang it...I was kind of hoping they could have an Ocean's 11 type plan to get Chanel into prom!
flex35's avatar
That sounds like an awesome idea. I did really like the remake of Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 13 (in my mind, Ocean's 12 was awful and does not exist).
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
I think 13 is the worst. It's damn near incomprehensible.

Oh my gosh I just really want to see them run a con on Father Quinton...

There are like 11 of them right?

George Clooney= Rain
Brad Pitt= Emily
Matt Damon= Chanel (she's the youngest)
Elliot Gould= Vincent
Carl Reiner= Fara
Don Chedle= Gavin
Those two brothers that fight all the time= The Strongwell siblings because they are the only siblings


Uh...and the rest!
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You know what I'd like to see?  Some conflict between Maria and Chanel about their sexualities.  A relationship between an asexual and an allosexual isn't easy and I feel they're relationship is too lovey dovey.  It just seems that Chanel's identity is being erased because she's in a relationship.
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Well, Chanel is asexual homoromantic...

As to how things will happen when sexual relations are desired, is up for speculation...
JocelynSamara's avatar
The lack of sexual attraction or even being sex repulsed doesn't mean an asexual person can't still be lovey dovey.  I'm asexual myself, and very happily married to someone who's allosexual.  It has been tricky (especially early on), but we were always pretty lovey with each other.  My experience doesn't reflect every asexual individual, of course, but having one experience isn't intended to erase another.  Rather, it's but one of many examples.

How many times have they even had to talk about sex though?  Maria wouldn't force Chanel to do anything she didn't want to, after all.  

That said, maybe there will be conflicts regarding this in the future that I just haven't gotten to yet.  There's a lot going on; can't do it all at once.  
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