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RAIN p902 - Ouch

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For what it's worth, I don't think Ky isn't at fault here; she's not a mind reader.  I also don't think Rain is necessarily upset at her either.  Rather, keep in mind that it's been a pretty crappy day for Rain today.  Being purposely misgendered twice in the span of like five minutes by two completely unrelated people can do a number on the psyche (even - or especially - considering neither one realized what exactly how affecting their statements were).  

And the more recent conflict with Todd, even if he was just being a hypocritical asshat, is clearly bugging her.  She hadn't even recovered from her interaction with Debbie before he came along calling her ugly and dateless (and a guy).  I can only speak for myself, but low self-esteem often makes the dysphoria worse.  And then dysphoria damages one's self-esteem.  Rinse and repeat.  

Hence, Ky's rejection hurt.  Even though Rain doesn't need a date to go to prom, she kinda did need that confidence booster, and Ky had no idea.  Poor kid.  :/

Sorry for the super downer of a blurb.  If there's a plus side, I know a lot of readers had been hoping Drew would ask Ky to prom.  We didn't get to see it, but looks like we've got a confirmation.  Though I wonder how Ky will fare in a situation like prom?  Or Drew for that matter.  We'll learn more about that later though.  ;)

And finally, I want to reiterate that I'm aware this chapter has been hard for some readers.  Thank you for bearing with me through this.  I promise it's not all going to be bad. 

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Rain - Volume 4 FINALLY came out last month!  If you're interested, you can find that right here!  
Or if you're not caught up, you can find all the books so far here.
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I know that face. That is not the face of mercy O_O I'm scared for whoever has to talk to rain next. 
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New reaction image right there
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Uh-oh... based on the Rain shadow presented in the last panel, it looks like a storm is brewing.

Seriously, though, this is not Rain's day - not even a little bit. First Debbie's accusations, then Todd's harassment, and now Ky's rejection. It is always nice, of course, to get an appearance from Ky, even a brief one. And we learn that Drew formally invited Ky (really wonder what that scene would have looked like, he was probably totally nervecited and tripping over words, heh heh). As much as I like seeing Ky here, though, it turns out that it was a mistake for Rain to make the call. On the one hand, she extends an opportunity to Ky to join them... on the other, she's motivated somewhat selfishly, to prove to herself (and jerks like Todd) that she can get a date for prom. I love how Rain's way of speaking becomes different after learning that Ky is actually going with Drew, demonstrating her big disappointment before we see it. I can understand why Rain would feel she has something to prove, in calling Ky, but I can't help but wonder if she'd be feeling better now if she just tried to catch up with Ky (distracting from her own problems), or spilled her misfortunes to try and get some support. Alas, mistakes were made.

So, what happens next? It's lunchtime, so it's possible that Rain will talk to her friends about the terrible morning she's been having, and they'll offer her some much-needed reassurance. Then again, she could brood on her feelings, until she snaps over something minor - possibly at a friend, possibly towards a stranger. I hope Rain can start having a better day, but her face in the last panel doesn't make that seem very likely.
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Yeah High school Really sucks. I'm normally a quiet reader. But this page really hit home. It took me a while to truly accept myself and realize I didn't need to show anyone anything. Yeah some people like Todd are dicks. It hurts. But you don't have to prove anything to them. They'll find a way to insult you in another way regardless. 
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Something that is true and that is that shes clearly being pushed in order to need to get a date,  Ky just doesn't quite know that She needs the boost but you can blame her, Rain has Emily so she will help.
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Ah, well do I remember the irritation of unpredictable gender identity. So annoying. 
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I've just realized i made a reply to you xD it was a comment. Sorry
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Ky, i know you can't control it, but please be in girl mode during the prom. Drew is trying, but i don't think he is prepared to go to the prom with boy!ky.

She is going to be boy!ky, i know it. 
Poor Drew, he isn't ready :/
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I hope, if Ky is in boy mode during prom, that Drew will be ready and comfortable enough by then, to openly support the relationship he and Ky have together. And not try to hide or crudely justify it.
Rain didn't say goodbye D: Guess it's her anxiety still clinging onto her than the other things. (It may not be obvious but Rain is pretty much focused on what had happened rather than Ky's "rejection"; those impacts before these next experiences somewhat nudge the reasoning into places)
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It looks like Rain could use some time with Emily right now and time with friends as well. But I feel that time with Emily will do more good.

As for Drew and Ky. I am very happy that Drew asked Ky to the prom. Yet I am also afraid he might mess it up during prom. Drew please please please don't panic during prom and mess it up for Ky. I really hope Drew is more confident in his relationship with Ky, by prom, that he doesn't mess it up.
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Call me crazy but I'm actually thinking this might be a good time for Ana and Rain to have some legitimate bonding.  Ana's situation isn't identical to Rain's but it's similar enough that she's likely to have gone through similar situations and knows what it's like to be treated unfeminine and potentially outed. If she's not too negative in how she addresses it, she may be the best person at the school to tell Rain what she needs to hear to start her back on an upward spiral.
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That doesn't sound like a completely bad idea, but with how much Ana wants to deny that she was ever anything but a woman, I can't see her admitting anything about her past that could help Rain in anyway. At least not until she does some healing of her own. Seems like the person that could tell Rain what she might needs to know, to help get over her day, might be Jessica. She has been through some rough times, from the things Aiken said to her, when they broke up and is open enough about her past, that she isn't going to deny that terrible things has happened to her, because of her history.
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geez i never saw rain like that before, that's when you know shit's really going down the drain
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Wow evendors a fake date...
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Ok I know it was a bit of a "pretend date" but rejection does in fact hurt. I kinda feel for Rain at the moment. Yesterday I finally got the nerve to confess to my crush. Keep in mind I am still in the closet on certain issues, so it looked like any other kind of random situation between any one couple regardless of orientation (staunch conservative region) my best friend who happens to be a mutual friend of my crush confided in him for advice on dealing with my confession. (And immediate friend zoning) he said, "dude you got balls" rejection hurts people. To top off that coment only wanted to make me dig further into the closet. So much for platonic relationships between a person and their crush. Anyone else think I'm an idiot. Sorry this is about rain not me. Ima stop typing now
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its still just a school party, stay home and have a good time instead :3
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Organize the alt prom with Maria and Chanel and they'd have much more fun. I mean I know this is partially just my personality but even disregarding the often negative environment of their school, I feel like they might enjoy a smaller gathering with just the people they already know as friends over the bloated school prom.
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Thats tough but Ky couldnt have known. Poor Rain, i hope things will get better for her
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and then she turned into her alter ego, Storm
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Her catchphrase is "Aw HAIL no!"
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ahh i see what you did there xD
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