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RAIN p853 - All Set

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Back to Rain, and... wow.  :D

Once again, I'd like to back up the realism here by saying this is more or less how my first endo appointment went.  Lots of talking.  Some tests that I chose not to go into for the comic (though "bloodwork again" in panel 3 is meant to imply it happened once already).  Then all of a sudden, bam!  Prescriptions. XD

The only real difference is I didn't glomp my doctor.  It might've crossed my mind, but knowing me, I'm sure I was worried about it being inappropriate. XD

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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LostPadawan's avatar
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for Rain!!!!!!!
FaebornStarseed's avatar
Yay! Congrats to Rain!
LunaNatsume's avatar
This was seriously how I felt when I walked out of there with my prescription papers... I nearly cried tears of joy the entire way to the pharmacy. My energy level was off the charts... close to mania tbh.
I spent the whole day sick to my stomach leading up the the appt, because my lack of faith in people prevented me from getting too hopeful... but once she said, "Okay so I am prescribing you...", I nearly fell out of my chair.
gungho1000's avatar
1st set of hurtles down now on to the logistics and waiting game. (Don't mean to imply that I know anything about the process just speculating)
Phoenix4Dawn's avatar
"It happens all the time" aww :')
LadyAshleyKarazura's avatar
This is exactly what I'm going to be like and I'll probably be 24. Especially since I can start to afford to move out and begin replacing everything. Already talked to a couple of my closest friends about making a day of going shopping, especially once I move out, for at least some of my feminine wardrobe, and picking up makeup. Oh it's going to be amazing. And the best part is that Trans Health Services are covered under Amazon Employee Insurance! My new job covers it and pay enough that I can start to work toward moving out!
SailorDolly's avatar
The Doc looks adorable in the third panel--who WOULDN'T want to hug her? ^_^
ranma-chan's avatar
DannyboyO1's avatar
This makes my eyes water. ^_^;
Thank you google for allow me to avoid questions like what anti-androgen are, clearly i didn't pay much attention in biology.
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
I'd like to get to know more about the doctor. She seems cool.
Kinggigasmon's avatar
I like how "Nah, it's cool" she is at the end. :D I'm super happy for her!
itachihoover's avatar
It was surprising for me too for my first trip to walk out with a prescription waiting for me! But SO Amazing too! Love this story and how much it relates to so many of us :D 
Abbacor's avatar
Hooray for Rain!!!!   Love 

Where's the Like or thumbs-up or +1 button on here!!! Gotta bump this one up!!!!  Ohhh! OR a LLAMA! important part of life 
echic10's avatar
OMG!!!  Rain's feet won't even be touching the ground, she'll be so high!  Life just got super Incredible!
EliTheInventor's avatar
Slanthers74n's avatar
Happy days ^_^

I just hope Rain doesn't get her hopes up too naively about the effects though - how many trans women/men expected nigh-overnight changes, only to realise how slowly things change months down the track? ^=^;

Well, things will change, bit by bit, and I'm sure that we're all super-psyched for Rain's triumph today! <3
flex35's avatar
Wow, I don't think I am capable of the multi-tasking of Dr. Raviede. Listening to Rain talk about her life and reasons for transitioning and write a prescription at the same time. Ya, for someone who can't hold a conversation while doing anything else at the same time, what Dr. Raviede does is impressive.

Another note, yay for Rain. That kind of happyness is the best ^_^ .
echic10's avatar
No writing needed, its all electronic these days.  Just click a button and hit send.
flex35's avatar
Oh I see. ... I'm just going to pretend she wrote it out on her tablet, just so I can continue to be impressed by what I perceive to be her multitasking skills.
Musicallover1234's avatar
To be honest I am kind of surprised that it can happen that fast, but I guess that is the whole point of the endo isn't it. Rain happy is a great thing isn't it haha, her hugging the doctor might actually happen more then we think it is the doctor seems to be used to it though. Lastly though the prescription are going to be in her legal name right that could be a problem considering it all really depends on the person and the pharmacy.
echic10's avatar
Go to a chain pharmacy like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or the like.  They won't blink an eye.  They are too busy to worry about anything besides the narcotic drugs.

When I had heart surgery my brother picked me up from the hospital and took me to stay with him in Texas.  So I walk into a CVS at 7:30 pm and hand over a fistful of prescriptions.  One of them was for 70 hydrocodone.  So I had to explain why I was getting them filled there.  Had to show him my discharge papers, and he called the hospital to confirm them.  Meanwhile some pharmacy drone filled everything else and never blinked an eye.
Musicallover1234's avatar
Sure, yeah it depends on the pharmacy people who work there just to work probably don't care but there might be some that do, small drugs don't matter but heaver ones do man though, that's crazy.
LauraRola's avatar
Hugs! Huggle! 

This is a cute moment, for sure.  I never really hugged either of my doctors, partially because while they were very nice, they didn't come across as all that huggable to me.  Super adorable page overall. ^_^
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