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RAIN p840 - The Rules

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Because I can't just let things be easy.  XD

Can all of Rain and Co. get to prom together and have themselves a night to remember?  Probably.  But not without solving some Layton-esque game of connect-the-dots that accounts for the main cast being mostly female and mostly queer, with several being underclassmen... and of course we can't forget Ky despite being in a different school.  Now that the straight kids are taken care of, what about everyone else?

Things to think about as the chapter progresses.  ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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I love it when these two get on well, but it feels so rare.

masterball2's avatar

"we'll make it work" reminds me of the phrase "let's make it work" when sofia was doing an impression of baileywick

jeepers-creatures's avatar
This is the problem with web comics. I have a tendency to just flip to where the info is revealed, but I can't do that now. I hate suspense.
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I know this is so late but I'm rereading, I feel like if Ky was in boy mode and drew wanted to take him (as well as Maria and Drew trusting eachother), Maria could take Ky for Drew and Drew could take Chanel for Maria. Just my thought that I had 5 months afterwards when I decided to reread.
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I missed this comic. I'm glad to start reading it again.  <3
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Lots of people are speculating they might get some non main-cast character to help them out with this. However, authors don't write things for no reason. She didn't include this "you can't take someone of the same sex" rule for no reason- it's part of the plot. I'm speculating that Maria will try to ask the school to change their rules, and that could have many outcomes. I don't think Jocelyn would invent this problem just to have it solved easily by some guy they kind of know taking Chanel- if it were that simple, why include it.
14bj337's avatar
Well, even with someone else bringing Chanel, the problem isn't solved easily. That person would either have to be deceived by Chanel and Maria (thus creating potential bitterness and guilt), or be offered some sort of favor by Maria (producing indebtedness). It could result in someone like Rob having a further story role, and even becoming friends (or enemies) with Maria. Then again, she certainly could try to fight the rule openly... or she could bring "Channing", her mysterious "boy"friend from another school. ;) Regardless, Jocelyn's created an interesting dilemma, and I'm curious to see where things go from here.
MyThoughs's avatar
oh true, I didn't think of those things. Also I love the "Channing" idea lol
MKUGeneratorsUNITE's avatar
Damn the school rules...
Oh wow, I'm finally caught up again! Heh, I thought that there was a lot more to the comic. Short reaction to the past like 5 or 6 chapters that I've read: Rain and emily are so adorable together, and I wonder if Ana is going to come out to the group after learning that Rain is trans, if she learns about that. Also Kellen can die in a fire.
SleuthMechanism's avatar
I never got why proms wer such a "big deal". Always seemed stupid and pointless to me.(never went to one and would rather stay home playing videogames anyway)
Musicallover1234's avatar
Aww, the rules considering that it is a Catholic school the whole boys and girls thing makes sense and I figured that it would come up. Knowing all of the story the prom will have all of our favorite people together, considering that we have a few months to go things will obviously happen. Either way it should be fun and interesting.
SierraRebecca's avatar
I honestly don't regret missing my prom. There's only one person in this world I wanted to share that moment with, and I couldn't, so I'm just going to have to wait for hers, when she's 18 and her parents can't say sh*t about us being together.
gungho1000's avatar
I just had to put putt his be tt because he is soooo forgetful…
PerilsOfRosella's avatar
I had a great time at my Prom(s), but I went to an arts high school, it was pretty friendly. 
if it anything like my high school prom they (everyone) would be better off not going ;)
Neo-Coaster's avatar
My prom sucked. More power to Ky's suggestion of the group having their own prom. >|

Aside from that, though... as several others have said already, as far as dates and technicalities go, we have Gavin going with Ana, and then we could have Rain or Emily or Maria take Rudy (assuming he wants to go at all), another of them take boy-mode Ky (assuming he is actually boy-mode that day and doesn't get ID'd besides), the third go ostensibly alone, and Drew (after being filled in a little bit on the necessity thereof) take Chanel. (And then they'd just swap dates or go their separate ways once they got there.)

Those parentheticals already comprise at least four places where that plan could go wrong in hilarious and/or terrifying ways, but in theory it could square out. Heck, there's even room for one more guy in case someone wanted to take Randy or Brett, though the reasons for that would be beyond me.
Nat-Renderra's avatar
Is it just me or did anyone else immediately think of Rick Astley?

"We're no strangers to loooove.
You know the rules, and so do I!"
JamieAgathaRose's avatar
Do you really only get one prom? That's one more than I got. My friends went without me. :depressed:
flex35's avatar
Ok, I think I have it. Rain invites Rudy (makes it really apparent that they are going as friends), Drew brings Chanel as a friend (assuming everyone is cool with Drew joining the group for prom. Stares menacing at Rudy). And eh, I don't know how things will work out for Ky, since I don't know if Ky has any idea what gender Ky will be that night. If Ky is in boy mode that night, then Maria could invite Ky as a friend. If Ky is girl mode, then, either Ky is out of luck, or Drew takes Ky to prom and channel is out of luck. No idea how things would work out if Ky is in Gender Neutral mode. ... I guess, maybe Fara could sneak Ky in??? Eh, ya, that's the best I can come up with. Gah, it really sucks how grandfathered in somethings are, and the inability of people to evolve to current standards (also, for those who don't know "grandfathered in" is a term used to describe an existing rule or structure or most anything that has existed for such a long time that no one wants to change it. Most of the time, it only slightly goes outside what is currently consider legal. As for this instance, if I went any further, I would be writing a lot more, and most of it would be stating my opinion, without knowing enough about the legal side to be worthwhile).
greengramma's avatar
"But it might not be so easy for me."
"Hm? Why's that?"
Dude, she's a lesbian.
SailorDolly's avatar
It's neat that Gavin is so used to Maria that he doesn't think of "they're both girls" as being a problem until Maria reminds him of it.
Neonshi's avatar
Drew takes Chanel and Maria takes boy mode Ky! That'll totally work right?!
Ronboy31's avatar
but this would heavily depend on Ky being in boymode
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