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RAIN p835 - Scary

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This is actually a very timely page.  Rain's very real feelings regarding her upcoming hormones are quite a bit like my feelings regarding my upcoming surgery (I swear I didn't plan it like that).  Of course, she's excited.  This is huge.  It's what she's always wanted.  It's a dream come true.  And that can be scary.  I was the same way when I was starting hormones.  Most - if not all - of you on hormones probably did too.  And for those of you who have not yet started HRT: I assure you, it's okay to be nervous.  It's very natural to be afraid of change.  Even ones you want or need.  

Anyway, as is typical, this is the last page of the chapter but it's probably not the last page of the chapter, if you know what I mean.  If you don't, expect ooooone more page next time.  ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

As I've been saying for a while now, I'll be going for SRS on July 26th.  If you've been with me long enough to remember my cancer surgeries, you know there's going to be a lengthy hiatus for my recovery.  I probably won't feel up to drawing much.  Fortunately, Chapter 29 wraps up this week.  So unlike my previous surgeries which cut things off awkwardly mid-chapter, this break will be a little more controlled (like any other planned hiatus).  The comic will return with Chapter 30, but I don't know when.  That depends on how long it takes for me to feel like I can sit upright and draw for extended periods again.  I will keep you posted throughout my recovery though, so you know when that will be.

Anyway, you support is still (and will always be) welcome.  ^_^

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I'd also like to mention that a friend and reader set up a Discord server for Rain. So if you'd like to chat with other readers in real time, or at least, have a safe space to discuss other non-comic things, you should check it out here -
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masterball2's avatar

I'm not gonna read any more of this today. I'll continue tomorrow.

KentaMaeba's avatar
That last line reeks of foreshadowing. If anything bad happens to these two, I might actually die from the stress ^^;
HiSenshi's avatar
STILL best ship ever!!

I'm learning a lot about how much change can be scary lately...can't wait to see how all this works out next chapter, to be honest. ^^

~ Hi-chan <3
chuckdaws's avatar
Though it will be a small challenge to do without new pages of Rain for a while, I look forward to your healthy recovery. I'm very pleased with the way this chapter ended. I'm also very excited about the next chapter in your adventure.

Much Love & Support <3
camillejade's avatar
I have to admit i'm in the category of letting my fear of transition stop me from doing it.

The more and more I think I don't need it, the more and more I want it, but then I get massive anxiety and like start second guessing it completely. Often talking myself out of it just to get depressed and go through it all again a few weeks later.

The sad thing is, the logical side of me knows this cycle isn't sustainable and I need to just do it, but yeah...

Anyway, enough about my problems, this page is super cute and put a smile on my face :D
Synergiance's avatar
Such a sweet ending <3
Speaking of timely, I'm getting close to getting hormones as well, right now
RainbowChipsette's avatar
Funny thing, because last time I kinda came out to my parents and they're totally accepting me, so I could start hormone therapy in short time. Wait, I could if I wasn't living in Poland, because in here you need to be adult (18) here to take hormones, because of "ethical reasons" (and nobody knows what it means) and I am only 17. But looking on the bright side, I have time to lose some weight in meantime. Also, if you think that this law is stupid, then you don't know about how SRS in Poland looks like. To have SRS in Poland you need to change your gender in your documents. To do that, you need to... sue your parents (because, I don't know. They "made" you wrong?). And, to make it even funnier, I heard from some people, that while court hearing it's better not to say, if you are not hetero...
MyThoughs's avatar
WTF you have to sue your parents for making you wrong? WHAT THE- ???
I guess whoever made that law never procreated because YOU CAN'T CHOOSE THE SEX OF YOUR BABY LMAO WHAT

And I think their "ethical reasons" for why hormones are for 18 and up is because they are actually transphobic and think it's just a phase, that if people wait until they are 18 they will "grow out of it". Which is so untrue

That last sentence makes a lot of sense. Conservative people (not all, but a certain type of them) don't like it when people are outside the norm. They can handle it if you're gay, they can handle it if you're trans, but both just confuses them. They don't understand that gender identity and sexuality are completely different things. For example, someone who doesn't understand LGBT might think that a transgender lesbian is silly for being transgender, because she could have just stayed a straight guy, and what's the difference? They don't understand that transgender is actually because of gender dysphoria.

Most of these sucky laws are because people don't understand LGBT at all, and work their misconceptions into the laws that don't make any sense.
SailorDolly's avatar
I think that the age-18 limit is not so much transphobia as it is litigation-phobia. Medical professionals are afraid that they will be sued for aiding a minor in transitioning (especially if done without parental approval), and some PARENTS are afraid that if their kid has post-transition regrets, the kid will blame the parents for allowing the transition to happen too early.
RainbowChipsette's avatar
Well, welcome in Poland - country, where doctor has right to not perform abortion because of what they think about abortion (if I remember it right, it's called conscience clause in Poland), even if they are sure, that without this both mother and baby will die. And yes, that thing really happened.
RainbowChipsette's avatar
I've talked with my friend about this law today, and figured that it was probably made before 1989 (which means communism, not nice). Also, about this conservative people, I just must mension my first psychologist (with my transness I was going to psychologists, because I didn't know any other place to do so). He was an idiot, who shouldn't have license to work as psychologist. He thought that if I like girls when "I'm boy", then when I "become" a girl, I will like boys, because logic. And later, he tried to convince me, that he can "cure" me (also, there's his citation: "I don't want to scare you with some long time thepies, but it will take at least year" no, thank you, mr. Idiot). Ok, I think that now it's clear that I don't like him. And also, about choosing way to be born, I like to say (in my imagination, because I don't have anyone to talk about this kind of stuff) that if I had a choice, I would be born cis (girl) :D
MyThoughs's avatar
I'm pretty sure every trans person wishes they were born cis. It is much easier.
SailorDolly's avatar
Wishing to have been born cis is however NOT the same thing as wishing to be changed from trans to cis, as shown in the "what if there were a treatment to eliminate dysphoria while leaving your body unchanged" thought experiment. There was a Rain page where Gavin asks Rain that question, though I forget the page number.
RainbowChipsette's avatar
I think that We all will agree, that changing a piece of someones personality is making them other person, which makes person that they was die. That's bad that some people don't understand that simple logic.
thundercat287's avatar
The way I think of it, I don't actually wish to be born cis.  It might be a non-binary thing, but I don't absolutely desire to be everything about the opposite sex from my birth.  As AFAB, I don't hate the outer appearance of my genitals.  I only hate what comes out of it.  I never desired to have male genitals, just a curiosity when I was a child.  And being trans* gives me a world view and journey that a cis person would not even imagine of unless they were on the ride too.  It taught me how to be open minded and accepting of everyone from all stages of life.  I may still judge people negatively based on my culture, but I'm slowly trying to reverse my mind from discriminating others.
Musicallover1234's avatar
Honestly it is a funny thing that change can be so scary, even if it is something that we really want. The reason I think is that we don't know what will happen next and that can be a very uncomfortable thing for us. Anyone that nervous about life changing things is just being human and it is totally normal.  Considering everything I guess it is good that the two of them are going though it together.
danodea's avatar
Most definitely better to go through a tough time with a friend than alone. :-)
Phoenix4Dawn's avatar
Aww yah,change is a scary thing. Its a good thing they have each other have each other. :heart:
Undertaker972's avatar
Well change may be scary but they have each other. Very sweet page
AshleyRex's avatar
Change is scary, but that is what makes human beings so amazing. To be afraid and to still continue on, that is the very definition of bravery. We constantly face fear, and we don't shut down, we accept our fear and take the next step forward. We take our life in our hands, and everyday, we fight a war against fear and change and what if's, and we carry it to the next day, with only short reprieve to process in the dream world. This is amazing, that we as humans, are so strong, and that's just a beautiful thing.
MyThoughs's avatar
That was an amazing paragraph, wow. I was left speechless for a while. I guess when you put it like that... we are all brave, in some way or another, just for continuing to live each day and face the unknown. That's kind of uplifting.
AshleyRex's avatar
DraygaQueen's avatar
So jealous of you right now... I want the right parts more than anything, but will likely die without them...
SerraBritt's avatar
Yes, definitely scary in a way.  Change is always scary after all!  But change happens when staying the same is even scarier.
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