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RAIN p537 - Ky's Fluidity

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This probably seems like a really random topic change, but Rudy doesn't want to talk to Gavin and probably doesn't want to talk about Rain (and Ky probably doesn't want to talk about Emily).  With possible topics narrowed down, this seems like a next best thing for them (this topic needed to be in there sooner or later anyway). XD

I'd like to make a disclaimer that this does NOT account for the experience of ALL genderfluid people though; just Kylie's (hence the specificity of the page title).  In other words, some may identify exactly with what she's going through.  Some may not.  

Anyway, we could more or less piece most of the information said on this page together before now.  But I wanted this explanation to be said straight out at least once.  It'll make sense later.  ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

Don't forget, Rain - Volume 1 and 2 are available for purchase.  ^_^

Also, I've said this before, but I'm trying to raise money for SRS, and I'm still struggling with it.  If you can help, it would be most welcome.  If not, don’t worry about it. I totally understand (you don't need to feel bad or apologize if you can’t).
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I've gone from relating to Rudy, then Ky, then Rudy again maybe, and then Rain.

heck my life.

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liar alert! (I can see straight through Ruby's lie of "I like being a guy")

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This is the biggest advocacy for school uniforms I have ever seen: if everyone looks the same, then this doesn't happen.
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Also, thank you for using Ky and Rudy to start to present examples of the difference between gender and gender expression, which are related but in no way necessarily indicative of one another. Ky is genderfluid. Rudy is a cismale who sometimes cross dresses. The key difference isn't in the clothes they wear or anything else of the sort, it is in who they are and how they feel. I think this confuses a lot of people and really appreciate the way you include such a diverse range of gender and gender expression in this comic.
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I seem to spend most of my time in some sort of in between state with very few times when I really feel like a guy or girl, but I still relate a lot to Ky's general explanation of how they feel and what they do about it. I think you explained things quite nicely. Thanks.
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Just binge-read the entire comic... I'm super jealous of Ky and this one made me cry the most (I've been "misty waterworks" for a couple of days now 'cause I'm still in the closet and super disphoric... so not your fault!).  I hope I'll be as comfortable as them some day.  They seem to have fun with their genderfluidity, which I hear is possible... ack. That feels impossibly far away right now.
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I actually have a friend who's a LOT like Ky.  She's fluid, and has problems with random "ADD" crushes.  One difference is my friend is hip to the lingo, another is my friend goes even further with those crushes and actually fixates on people in a kinda harmful way.  She recognizes it and knows it's problematic, but it's still just who she is.
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he just likes crossdressing sometimes nothin wrong with that xD
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This actually describes me pretty well too, especially at the moment. Like because lately I've looked in the mirror and realized my hair is starting to grow out a bit again, and I'm having a serious issue with it at the moment because my initial plan was just to cut it again soon so that i can keep it short, but lately I've missed having longer hair a bit and the way it looks. I wear a lot of guys clothes mostly but have my girlier outfits for when I'm feeling more girly and want to wear them. And with my hair short it makes me look a lot more boyish while when it's longer it looks a lot more girly. And the same thing with my glasses (because I'm considering getting contacts), they make me look more boyish and without them i look more girly. And it's a really hard decision on what to do right now because generally appearance wise I usually feel more guyish and have been, but lately I've been feeling a lot more girly and wishing I had longer hair and such. So I don't know. Should I go for what would look more guyish because the majority of my wardrobe and how I normally would feel would match it better, or do i go for the look I'm currently feeling even though I'm not sure if it'll last? OTL
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You could always go for medium length.  Something between what you consider boyish and what you consider girlish.

Or keep it short and get a natural looking wig.  Whichever you prefer.
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WHAAAAAAAAAA???????? I RAN OUT OUT OF RAIN!!!???? wow i just started this not even a week ago... thats is my internet addiction for ya!
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Welcome to  the waiting club
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I hope its not too long!
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Don't worry it never really is 
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also randomly, this seems like a chance for them to connect on their own clique interests... :)
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Male... female... neither.
That last one's the part that always threw me as to how it could work.
Maybe it's because I'm cis, I dunno, but it seems like it'd be pretty hard to take a middle-road, in such things.  I mean, I can (obviously) understand about one's mindset matching their anatomy, and in the case of trans folks, it matching the opposite... I understand the notion of 1:1 and 1:0 type stuff. I'm a computer-geek, binary-logic is my thing.
It's when instead of 1:0 or 1:1, you get 1:2 that I can't wrap my head around - just seems like there'd be some sort of mental "leaning" that would skew toward one or the other, if only due to the influence of physical sensation or something.

...sorry if I'm coming off rude or insensitive or such, I'm just kindasorta fascinated by the whole non-cis side of humanity, and want to understand more, so I can better learn how folks who aren't "1:1 match" deserve and want to be treated and addressed.
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Probably not with binary code.
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The binary-code reference was meant an analogy, though maybe a bit of a flawed one.
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Sorry, I was being sarcastic.
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I tend to avoid public bathrooms altogether, unless there's a unisex bathroom. As long as I go before leaving the house, I can hold it until I get back.
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I think that I sort of understand or at least the whole both or neither thing in terms of gender, I mean it makes sense if you think about it. That being said though it has got to be tough for Ky sometimes, even though Ky/Kylie does good in whatever mode they choose to go as. And when it comes to Rudy I can understand him liking to wear dresses, my sister told about a person at her work who was guy and dressed up. I do kind of wonder how Ky uses the bathroom in boy mode though, I am not sure how that would work.
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I relate to Ky. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words.
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