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RAIN p1,130 - Next Year

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Scene jump!  Sorry.  We're on the final stretch of the chapter, so I've gotta make the rounds for everyone else before we close this out.  

Also, sorry for the small delay on today's page.  I've been having a really rough week.  One of the windows on our car got smashed in over the weekend, after we'd just spent a lot of money on repairs like a week prior.  We had to put one of our eldest rabbits, Alphonse, to sleep yesterday (and we are devastated).  And today, my spouse learned she has strep, which means I'm probably going to have strep real soon.  I'm gonna do my best not to let this interfere with posting, because I planned to take a hiatus when the chapter was over anyway.  I would much rather just get through a couple more weeks of posting (it's only a few minutes of my time, a few times a week), and then I can take as much time as I need after that. 

I... think I just needed to vent that all out; let you all know where I'm at right now.  Thanks for hearing me out and for your patience with me.  And if you want, let me know what you think of Gavin and Ana right now.  :)

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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Osmium, the second most dense material known to humankind.

Kinggigasmon's avatar
And BOOM! mic drop.
Musicallover1234's avatar
Kind of dense there Gavin aren't you haha. Well at least Ana is good enough to spell it out for him. Might be kind of fun to  have a sense where Ana teaches him to dance that could be a lot of fun for them. It would be fun for the two of them to do it.
QuantumToast's avatar
Until this point, I'd actually forgotten they weren't already a couple.
WubMeister's avatar
Geetas-Comics's avatar
DOH!!! Gavin! Cute as a button and thick as mud when it comes matters of the heart. Gotta love him.
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Take whatever time you need. You know we will be here when you return. Sending love and virtual hugs to help you and your wife through. (and to keep you from getting that strep). <3
CheapGrotesqueries's avatar
oh gooooosh Gavin's face in the last panel has got me in stitches! These two are just lovely together and I'm glad Gavin's getting around to having his own relationship in the comic :3c
gungho1000's avatar
Gavin for me started to feel like Bad Luck Brian
beez1717's avatar
It's so cute how Gavin didn't get the hint :)
Undertaker972's avatar
And here i thought Gavin was just being coy lol. Oh well, at least Ana hammered it in xD
hallen26's avatar
Yeah Gavin is kind of hopeless when it comes to girls seeing as his first girlfriend "dude she's a lesbian" now i can freely ship the SS AnaVin
Undertaker972's avatar
Oh yes, ive been shipping them for ages! Its finally, really setting sail
albert1614's avatar
reikkko's avatar
For someone that overthinks everything, he doesn't think enough XD.
(Well, overthinking everything may cause you to overthink what they say and think that it means something different. It happens to me XD)
flex35's avatar
So, after all this time, Gavin and Ana haven't openly expressed their feelings for each other. I had though they would have already officially started to date, even if it wasn't shown in cannon. Well, here's to Ana's and Gavin's relationship progressing.

On another note, it sounds like you're had a hard week. I hope things get better. And my condolences for you loss.
LostCause26's avatar
And the penny drops with all the grace of someone dropping a spanner in a workshop.
GirlyGeek96's avatar
-sends good vibes y'alls way- 
StreamSecret's avatar

Sounds like a bad week indeed! I hope things get better for you!
nightwerewolf16's avatar
Geez, I hope thinks work out for you both and that your spouse recovers quickly. Strep is no fun.
Madness-Made-Fresh's avatar
Poor Gavin. Luckily Ana is willing to hammer in the hints.
gavin and ana seem so cute together I hope he says yes to her teaching him to dance better then he can now..also I hope when we next see rain and Emily that those two are dancing with each other :) keep up the great work on the comic
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