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RAIN p1,001 - Out of Sorts

I don't know if I'm gonna get used to these four digit page numbers.  It's just weird to me. XD

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So, if you don't remember Rudy and Colette's previous interactions, it's been a little awkward for a while.  For starters, Colette literally bumped into Ruby in the ladies' room not long ago.  At the time, Ruby was trying not to be spotted and took off with barely a word.  Ana caught on to who it was though and suggested that Ruby should apologize.  But of course Rudy would approach Colette as Rudy.  If you reread the following couple pages from there, we see Colette is surprisingly receptive to all this, but misreads the situation a little, assuming Rudy is actually a trans boy, rather than a boy who was dressing like a girl.  Rudy makes the correction, Colette gets embarassed, and that's the last we see of their interactions until they happen to encounter each other in the hall again on this very page.

Whew!  Did you get all that? XD

Now, we have Rudy - following a venting session about his long-time bully to Brother Arthur - offering to similarly lend an ear to Colette.  What do you suppose they'll discuss?  ;)

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Musicallover1234's avatar
Rudy get the ever needed therapy, talking can help really it does, just in too the next scene and eat talk about everything and it all and everything coming next on it.
beez1717's avatar
I wanna know more about the conversation ASAP!
Grovylefan1207's avatar
I wonder what's on Colette's mind. :shrug:
lyramsr's avatar
noooo, I've caught up with all of rain! now I have to wait for new pages like a normal person 😭

anyway, I strongly suspect colette is trans, or at least questioning. like ana said, she almost seemed disappointed that rudy wasn't ftm.
GenderChaos's avatar
That's an odd expression (by unspecific standards) from Collette in the last panel. This could go just about anywhere.
SilverRoseStorys's avatar
sooo  if she ends up being a he, I so ship him and Rudy ^^ (( and ship it even more so if its him and Ruby :3 )) 
Luinta's avatar
Oooiioh I'm almost more interested in where this is going than with Maria XD 
TimteeTheGamer's avatar
lol Quite the same here.
flex35's avatar
Oh my goodness, because today is a holiday for me, I almost forgot that there would be a new Rain page up today, and I am so glad I remembered.

So, even though this seems like a page, where not much happens, it does sound like Rudy got some much needed therapy, even if it might not have been what Brother Arthur meant it to be. Plus, it looks like some interesting conversations to come up, between Colette and Rudy (I cannot wait to hear what Colette has to say ^_^ , not matter what it may be about). I think between what Colette might have to say and seeing Blair show up, I think I prefer seeing what Colette has to say, first.
Undertaker972's avatar
Well Colette should have some interesting things to share and Rudy is there to lend an ear. I think its really nice of him to do that
reikkko's avatar
Don't worry, you'll get used to the new number of pages soon XD.

And... This is going to be very interesting XD. Colette jumped from the category "That character that maybe was in the Story" to "An interesting character from who I want to know more" XD.
nathannano's avatar
colette is questioning her gender im sure of it
mhtg's avatar
If Colette would rather go by a different name, i ship it.
flex35's avatar
Seems like it isn't a bad idea to re-evaluate one's gender and sexuality, you never know what you will find out about yourself, even if all you find out, is just what you thought you were before.
AshleyRex's avatar
In a Jocelyn story? No way. That's just not probable. Lol (sarcasm) (no offense intended)
straight-up-punkgeon's avatar
If Colette does turn out to be a trans boy, I ship it. 
thundercat287's avatar
I was thinking that they would be the gay boy that Rudy wanted. But we would have to get rid of Aidyn first. Colette comes out to him at prom as Cole, with Aidyn being the same chill as Allison, and takes Rudy? 
coreyray1000's avatar
You never know... We'll be learning more.
PositiveLink's avatar
This can and probably will get interesting...
gungho1000's avatar
This page is so adorable. "Discus your woes with a... stranger" hay that's what Deviantart is for... well for me at least =D
SierraRebecca's avatar
Holy shit. Collette's the in-closet trans person that Ana was talking about!
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