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RAIN p1,000 - Promise Unbroken

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So, originally today's page was planned to cut to another scene.  When I realized it was going to be the THOUSANDTH PAGE though, I decided to keep it right here.  There's a few reasons.  Like, even though this arc isn't really specifically about Rain herself, I felt the character the comic is named after ought to be on this one.  Plus, there's just such a sense of hope here, and it felt like a good tone to celebrate a milestone like this with.  ^_^

The catch, of course, would be the nature of this page as a flashback, leaving everything in being monochrome.  All I can think of is all the black and white comics I've read that would usually color a milestone like this.  And here I am taking the color away for it in a comic that typically HAS color. XD

Page 1,000 is special though.  To me, anyway.  I can't believe I've done a thousand of anything.  And I owe it to all of you for continuing to read and have interest in it.  I don't know that I could've followed through without you.  So thanks. <3

Just this once, I'll post a color version of this page later today.  Because this one is special (even if it is actually a pretty standard page overall), and because I love y'all so much.  I hope you Rain Beaus will stick around and continue to enjoy the comic as it goes on. 

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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Happy 1000 episodes hatching day, belated :)

Musicallover1234's avatar
Keep it up and you will make it too prom, but, congrats on the 1000 pages keep it up 1000 more and the story of Rain it is great love it.
FaebornStarseed's avatar
1,000 pages.
I'm happy to be able to see this, and I would definitely be interested in seeing another thousand, and another after that, etc.

This is one of my favorites and will always be.
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
Congrats on 1,000! Sorry I wasn't able to say so on the day it happened...I was away from home on a trip so didn't have my computer. Anyways, as a reader since the end of the first year, I've been on this journey with you and Rain too! It's a huge landmark for you and as a reader I'm so proud!
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Congrats on 1000 pages ^^ I love Rain. Story gave me strength and hope when I was still battling against myself. Now am stably on my process. Thank you Jocelyn :)
gungho1000's avatar
1000 down 1000+ to go.
Maybe just a few pops of color here and there on the page? Leave it black and white for the most part, but a small splash of tint to signify that even though it's dreary (weather-wise and emotionally), there's brightness to be found.
plesio-saurus's avatar
1000, holy crap. I have no words.
ProfessM's avatar
1000 wow. Great work and good choice to keep black and white.
GenderChaos's avatar
We love you very much also, Jossy. ^_^
Here's to thousands more pages in the decades to come! = )

...At what point were the Rainiacs renamed Rain Beaus? Personally I think Rainiac suits me better. : D
Abbacor's avatar
WOOT!!! 1000 pages!!! Congratulations!  Airborne 
Undertaker972's avatar
Congrats on 1,000 pages! Id love to see Maria just show up and crash the prom. Surely someone could sneak her in a side entrance or a back door, right?
A-viewer's avatar
Isactuallyabear's avatar
Congrats on the 1000th page! And thank you for making Rain in the first place.
TimteeTheGamer's avatar
Oh i love the last panel xD
Delkerono's avatar
Grats on 1k pages! 8D
SierraRebecca's avatar
There's the badass we saw in the first chapter! God, these characters have grown up a lot!
beez1717's avatar
The look on the last panel is epic and kinda cute :)
beez1717's avatar
1k pages of Rain? This is epic!
flex35's avatar
I say, get Maria into prom by hiding her under Emily's dress (ya, as unlikely as that is, I will keep hoping for it).

Also, CONGRATS on 1000 pages. Even though this page isn't coloured, it does seem like a pretty important part of this arc. Here's to another 1000 pages or the predetermined conclusion of Rain, ... whichever comes first. Ah, who am I kidding, I am pretty sure I will still be reading Jocelyn's works, even when there is no new Rain coming out.
JamieAgathaRose's avatar
Grats on page 1000! You really are a millennial now! XD
reikkko's avatar
Happy Page Number 1000!!!

I'll read another 1000 pages if you keep going like this!!!
IgnitedSage's avatar
Congrats on 1000 Pages of Rain. It is such a beautiful and fulfilling webcomic. Thanks for creating it!   
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