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RAIN - Shirt Design 2 [Edit 2-20-15]

[EDIT] - Now featuring our pansexual representative, Emily.  This version of her has already existed for a long time on the Rain Facebook page, and my personal Tumblr, but I felt it was about time I came back and showed this off here (as she will be shown on the upcoming new shirts).

I also changed Ky's umbrella. Previously sporting the genderqueer colors, I've switched them for the genderfluid colors (which is, I think, a bit more accurate a description of Ky).

I do have an odd question for you though.  I've been considering adding Drew to this as the representative for questioning.  There is no flag for that (as far as I'm aware),  but I'm sure I could figure something out.  Should he be included though: yay or nay?  

Either way, there will eventually be an intersex and even a polyamory rep here, but don't expect them to be included any time soon.
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Jocelyn, I was wondering if the comic would ever have a Nonbinary character? 
I would really love to see a NB character,as I am NB.
Kinggigasmon's avatar
Really cool to have the characters express themselves this way.
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An idea for a questioning flag: The straight flag but with a rainbow question mark on it.
TabisaNekosan's avatar
Yes include Drew. :)
VampyJFAd's avatar
This is cute! Just needs a GenderQueer! ;-)
cocolake3's avatar
so cute!! must have!!!
Brightwarrior's avatar
I wish to buy this.

That would be nice.
Dracona-Wynne-Hale's avatar
Will we get an aromantic rep as well?
I thought Chanel was demi!  Whelp, she's happy, so that's good!
DaoTianzi's avatar
I keep waiting for a straight transgirl or gay transguy to come along.
dawnflower8's avatar
If Ana is actually trans and not intersex, she'd probably be a straight transgirl.
JocelynSamara's avatar
Jessica's a straight trans girl.
DaoTianzi's avatar
Sorry! I meant closer to Rain's age. How are you recovering?
StellarDragons's avatar
do you think there'll ever be a trans guy character? I LOVE all the representation and I love being able to relate to Emily and Rain, but I think i could relate to a trans guy more haha
superdeformedchibi's avatar
Vincent is the transman character and I'm hoping we'll be seeing more of him soon.
Shikku27316's avatar
Yes, include Drew. The best thing I could think of is the one found in this gif:…
If I was brave enough to be vocal about my gender and wasn't afraid people would figure out I'm trans I would totes buy this! It looks awesome! Also totes add Drew! I think that would be so awesome!
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I'm sure you could find some sort of colorscheme out there for questioning - I didn't know polysexual, aromantic, bigender, and a couple others had colors, until running across a Tumblr post earlier this week that showed them. (Sorry, I forgot to make note of it, so no link.)
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I like it! I definitely agree about Ky's change of colors, and I think including Drew as gender questioning would be appropriate.
Shikku27316's avatar
I think the reason for a lot of umbrellas in transgender artwork is because of this concept. But, here, it could equally be because the title is "Rain".
NyanDashicorn's avatar
I will accept either of those explanations, although "because it's cute" works too. : p
Shikku27316's avatar
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Looks great Jocelyn,
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