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Princess Sabrina

I received RPG Maker MV for my birthday.  I haven't done much of anything with any version of RPG Maker in years now, so I've spent the last few days tinkering with it between Rain stuff to refresh myself on old mechanics and get myself acquainted with the new ones.

My first instinct upon getting it was to jump right into Shangri-La, because I've been thinking about it a lot in recent months.  The catch is, all those thoughts lately have vastly expanded the world building and character depth.  The outline and basics of the story remain the same; I'm just learning I want to do more with it to flesh it out and bring it more to life.  Shangri-La has been like a precious child of mine for a long time, and I want to make sure it's the best it can be.  So I think I may take a little extra time to make notes of what I really want to do with it.

I'm working very hard on it, and I truly believe people are really going to like it when it's finally ready. ^_^

But what are we looking at in the image above?  Who is Princess Sabrina?  She's not from Shangri-La, right?  Actually, I've decided I want to put out a much smaller scale game in the meantime.  A practice run, if you will.  Something quick and easy to try out what works and what doesn't.  And I want to do it all with RTP (ie, RPG Maker's default content).  If you've played the demo for Shangri-La, you might remember a lot of original content.  I drew characters and monsters and even cutscenes (and still have so much to do!).  The RTP restriction will help this be a lot less stressful while I invariably work on it through my upcoming surgery recovery.  The in-program character generator allows me to have some degree of originality, at least.

This finally brings us to Sabrina here, the star of Save the Princess.  This will be a short, linear game taking place within a simple fetch quest of a grander RPG adventure.  The princess of a kingdom has been kidnapped by a necromancer and taken away to a tower to be sacrificed for the sake of reviving the Great Demon Lord.  But all this happens just as the hero and his companions travel into town, whereupon they offer to take on the task of... saving the princess.  It all sounds straightforward, but the simple setting allows me a lot of room to build.  ;)

To make it a little more interesting, the story is told in chapters.  Each chapter will consist of a single dungeon area, and with a different character taking the spotlight (from the princess, to the hero, to the hero's individual companions, and even the necromancer).  The different perspectives occasionally overlap, but ultimately draw connections and reveal inner feelings bit by bit until everything comes together in a less than straightforward way.  Along the way, expect a lot of deconstruction of classic RPG tropes.  Probably some laughs.  Probably some tears.  Queerness abound.  The kinds of things you'd expect out of me.  XD

Rain remains my top priority right now.  I'm still determined to get Volume 4 out before my surgery date (odds are good, actually).  Save the Princess will probably be my recovery project: a fun, little pet project to make me feel like I'm doing something productive.  

As per usual, this drawing and overall post primarily exists to get some ideas out of my head and remove distractions, so I can get back to fully focusing on Rain.  But I'm really, really loving this, so I hope you folks like it too and look forward to seeing more of it.  ^_^
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I absolutely loved the demo for Shangri-La! I can't wait for everything you've mentioned, especially Volume 4. I need to complete the rainbow out of the spines of the books :P
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I love the outfit!
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Sounds like an interesting idea!  Reminds me of Dragon Quest 4 actually....which is a very good thing :)
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Ooh! I look forward to playing both games. I have been very into Steam lately so I've been enjoying some RPGmaker games.
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I got RPG maker xp then the next day mv came out and I was like fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu-
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She's quite a cutie! Blush  

I gotta say, though, I don't remember the in-program character generator from the MV demo, but I might have missed it.  Anyway, I am looking forward to this eventually, as well as Rain Volume 4.  Best wishes with everything going on right now for you!
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Incidentally, I don't remember it from when I futzed with the demo either.  So maybe it's locked out for the demo or something?

Either way, in the full version, there's a little icon of a dude on the main screen that opens it.  It's actually pretty good too.  Surprisingly thorough while still very easy to use.  ^_^
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Myy goodness, lovely things will keep happening this year, ahh~ ;v;
I'm cheering for you, too, of course, Jocelyn! ovo\
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This looks interesting. Looking forward to seeing the finished product (and what you can do with a simple premise) ^_^
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Oooh, lovely princess.
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She looks pretty. Im looking forward to seeing more on this
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