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I have to admit I'm still disoriented by all the theories of Kellen and Vincent being one in the same.  I... really didn't expect that.  In fact, it took me the better part of a day trying to figure out how Kellen even factored into the equation.  Apparently, having Vincent name her specifically came off as an unintended hint in that direction?  Or... something?  It was really just supposed to establish that he knew other members of the Flaherty family.  It wasn't really supposed to imply he had any deep connection with her specifically.  I probably should've anticipated that.  ^^;

I dunno.  I find myself trying to misdirect my readers sometimes.  And when it works, I feel great.  But when I'm actually NOT trying to misdirect people (and achieve misdirection anyway), it feels more like failure on my part.  Like, people are only coming to this theory because I didn't adequately perform my job as an author.  So, I want to apologize to you all for my shortcomings with this development.  I'll work on that.

Okay.  Anyway...

The actual twist here was pretty largely predicted prior to the last update.  It was intended to be (hints are everywhere, from even very early on in the story, to a chapter page's layout, to my personal experience of having an FtM therapist).  People have been clamoring for an FtM character for a while, so I'm thrilled to finally reveal the truth about him (not to mention, I like Vincent a lot).

More on that next time.  ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.

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Second panel : "YouR mom's name is Liriel." > the "r" is missing.

It's not the first time I read you moping around in the blurp that you must have done something wrong as an author for people to try and guess that Vincent is actually Kellen or something. Idk if you still believe that, but in case you do, let me tell you straight up: in this instance, you're blaming the wrong thing.

Your writing is fine. Kellen is a 26 yo student in college (I don't remember what she studies, she might be trying to become a doctor but I'm not sure anymore). She is not some psychotherapist with years of professionnal experience who's also been treating her brother's fiancee (who she met, btw, and called "that bitch" because of her own issues). That theory makes no sense and only a person who does not remembers all the facts about the story so far could ever conceive it.

Now, the story is published over a long period of time. Some of those facts I mentioned were mentioned months ago at when the previous page is posted; others, years ago. And there you go, teasing a wild twist, and asking ALL readers to throw their best guesses. Those who had read and reread the story several times had already done so a while ago. But some more casual readers see that question and throw their theory out there as a fun little thing to do, without bothering to reread the whole thing to check if what they said hold sany water. In fact, if you hadn't tried to squeeze and answer anyways by asking that question, they probably wouldn't have bothered trying, with an honest "I don't know". Or if you had asked "how confident are you that your guess is correct", they might have said "not that much, really. But I think the idea is fun".

Last but not least: sometimes it IS the reader's fault. I mean, some people are not good with story theories. Good for them. They live any revelation as something new and fresh because they hadn't anticipated it. Maybe it's their first time reading that kind of story. Maybe they're very young. Maybe they don't engage that seriously with stories in general. It happens.

And in this case, as I said: the story had made sure, time and time again, that this guess was just not possible. So we're in the "it's not about the writing" category. Period.

TL;DR: people said a stupid thing because you forced them out of their silence by asking them a question they were not sufficiently engaged with the story to answer. Don't fuss over it.