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MW - Introducing Aoi

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So, as you might be aware, I have a Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke comic planned for sometime in the future (likely, sometime post-Rain).  I've been asked before how future installments of the game series will affect this comic.  The answer is, it won't really.  Moonlight Wanderers was, is, and will continue to be about Pokemon Moon.  However, concepts, characters, and Pokemon from other regions besides Alola might still get occasional mentions or cameos.  And Sword and Shield's Galar region has no reason to be an exception to that.

Today, I'd like to introduce Aoi: the older sister of the story's protagonist, Maya, and one of the few totally original characters not based on anyone in the actual games.  While Maya is having her adventure with the main story in Alola, Aoi is studying abroad in Galar.  Aoi's very smart and very kind, and even from long distance, constantly wants to dote on her younger sis.  Aoi probably won't have a huge presence in the story, but she is important.  

And she gives me the opportunity to draw Galarian Pokemon, which I wouldn't otherwise have any reason/excuse to do.  XD

For the record, while I am currently Team Sobble myself, I gave Aoi a Scorbunny.  Partly because I love bunnies and apparently always need to include one in everything I write.  And partly because I admit it's the Galar starter I'm best at drawing (probably because I love bunnies).  Her Scorbunny's name is Lagos.  The Wooloo doesn't currently have a name.  I think that was drawn the day Wooloo was announced and I just really wanted to draw it.  XD

With that said, these images went up on my Patreon last June.  But with Sword and Shield releasing tomorrow - and me with no time to draw something new to celebrate (as I feel like one of the extremely few people still stoked for this game) - I decided this was as good a time as any to introduce Aoi.  I hope you like her!

And if you wanna talk hype for Sword and Shield, I'm down.  But please, I've also been skipping most of the press material for the game, and I've gone out of my way to not look at the leaks.  I knew so much about Sun and Moon before it came out (thanks to official trailers, even!), that I was able to start planning MW before the games released.  I just want to go into this new one knowing as little as possible so I can have a sense of discovery.  So please, no spoilers.  (But I am getting Shield version, and again, I'm Team Sobble.)  ^_^

AND!  Since I mentioned Patreon above, I do post there from time to time.  Some of what goes up there eventually gets shared here, and some of it is still exclusive to Patreon.  If you wanna support me and keep up with some art you might not otherwise see (or at least see it sooner), come check it out here:
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Neat.  Will she only be using Galarian Pokémon, or will she have some Alolan ones too?
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beez1717Hobbyist General Artist
I already love her!
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Team Grookey for me. For some reason, ever since Sun/Moon, the grass starters have really spoken to me, and I wonder if I will be picking a grass stater in future games. Though, I think I will have to wait till the new year to get Pokemon Sword, since I have expanses I need to pay off before that (laser hair removal is expansive, but I am loving the progress on my face, after each treatment).
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KinggigasmonHobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute!
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Have no fear Jossy, you'll get no spoilers from me. I haven't played any Pokemon game more recent than Crystal, from back in the Game Boy Color days.

I have little (if any) familiarity with anything Pokemon related that postdates Crystal (I know about Mudkip only because it's heavily memed), but I think my interest in these particular works of yours is more than just morbid curiosity. ^ _ ^

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Im pretty excited for Sword/Shield and got the dual pack, unfortunately I have to wait till after the weekend after release to play it cause I'm getting it delivered.
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Oh yeah and team Scorbunny cause I've been playing fire starters my whole life
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darth603Hobbyist General Artist
I still don't get the fun in nuzlockes, but I'm also a pretty casual player.
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Im Team Scorbunny and Sword. But hey, one more day! Lets get hyped!
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reikkkoHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree, Sobble is the best of the 3 Starters XD.

Their final design when they evolve may or may not be a different Story, but atleast in their first form, Sobble is the cutest of the group XD.
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