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First non-Rain thing I've drawn in months.  For sure, a lot of ideas have come to me (both original art and fan art), but for one reason or another, I just kinda keep not doing them.  Until now, apparently.

Lucina (from Fire Emblem: Awakening) has just been announced for the upcoming Smash Bros games.  And I am stupidly excited about it.  She was essentially my most wanted newcomer that actually realistically had a chance of getting in (the rest of my wants are mostly third party at this point, so I'm not holding my breath).  After already having Mega Man confirmed last year (my other most wanted), this is shaping up to be a Smash made in heaven.  I mean, at this point, it doesn't even matter who gets added, because I'm already super stoked for what's there NOW.  

Although, I really WOULD like to hear some confirmation on Ness' return.  I know everyone says he's a shoe-in, but my troubled soul isn't going to ease up until I get that officially confirmed. XD

Anyway, after the announcement, I floated around the internet to find that apparently not many people shared my enthusiasm.  The majority seems to be saying "She's just a Marth clone."  "It should have been Chrom/Roy/Shulk."  "She's ONLY in there because they wanted an excuse to pad the roster with more females."  "Preorder canceled!"  And whatevs.  That's the internet for you.  I find myself literally laughing at how absurd people are sometimes.  

Still, it was after seeing this response that I decided I wanted to draw her and show my support.  Originally, it was just going to be something quick and cute.  Possibly chibi-style.  Possibly involving some gag where she's sticking out her tongue at a character who didn't get added (although I opted against that just in case the other character ends up appearing after all).  Somehow, what ended up happening was this image.  Still cute, but certainly not quick.  It's not a big deal though.  This was fun to work on and I like the way it came out a lot.  And it's nice to step away from the bigger project once in a while to get something out of your head and onto paper (or in my case, onto tablet). XD

I hope you enjoyed this random little fan art detour.  Feel free to share your love or hate or meh for Lucina's inclusion in Smash Bros (or any of the other newly announced characters).  Or tell me what newcomers and/or veterans you'd still like to see.  Supposedly all characters and stages will be revealed within the next thirty days.  In other words,  last-minute speculation is now, so let's have some fun with this.  ^_^
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LUCINAAAAAA <3 she's so cute here!

Actually, now that you mention you're a Fire Emblem fan... reading Rain for the first time after playing Awakening, it's a little scary how much Rudy reminds me of Henry. Just with, uh, less blood.
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What if one of the second generation characters is transgender, and they were already born like Lucina? I imagine that would be pretty awkward...
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I keep wondering what will happen when Marth and Lucina cross swords...
That weapon of theirs, the Falchion, is supposed to be the same sword. But it looks entirely different.
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I was super stoked because I've been supporting Robin since I played Awakening and heard Smash was happening again. I would have preferred Lucina as an alternate outfit for Marth if her playing style is going to be the same as Marth's (Hoping it's not entirely), but I don't dislike her. She's mah baby girl in one of my games in Awakening so I can hardly hate her. Hahaha.

I'm still hoping for Toad (Captain Toad or Red Toad I don't mind which) and Isaac ( from Golden Sun) I'm not convinced they'll be in, but for the ultimate smash game (for me at least) they'd be in.

After that, Nintendo could pretty much add anyone in and I wouldn't even bat an eye at it.

What's that? Goku was added because he was one of the most requested characters on Miiverse? Oh, well I'll just be over here blowing up stuff as Toad, crushing things with my earth adapt, combining magic and swords with my tactician and destroying maps with Ike.

(No seriously... I have died because Ike's final smash was so powerful, not only did it kill my opponent but the stage couldn't take it, and Ike fell through it to his death. My friend and I just looked at each other before bursting out into laughter.)
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It's the exact same. Her moves and even her final smash is the exact same as Marth's. At least clones like Toon Link, Dr. Mario, and Wolf from SSBB had different stats. Heck even Pichu who was a weaker, watered-down version of Pichu was at least unique. Lucina, however couldn't be more exactly like Marth if she tried. The worst part is everyone complains about Dark Pit being inthe game, despite looking slightly different and having one attack look different and yet everyone loves Lucina having ZERO differences from Marth!
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I got nothing but love for Lucina joining Smash Bros.(as well as Robin).  I don't know anything about Shulk, but as far as Chrom goes, there's no guarantee that he wouldn't have been a clone(or clone-ish) to Marth, or even Ike(or a hybrid of Ike and Link).  I'm satisfied either way that Fire Emblem jumped from two to four representatives-including its first playable magic user.
Also the reason Chrom isn't playable is cause he took a Falcon Punch for Lucina xD

And cute drawing!
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I'm on cloud 9 right now because of 2 things: 

1.- You drew Lucina!!! (I didn't know you liked FE:A, it's one of my favorite games :D)
2.- Lucina will be in Smash Bros!!!!! (And Robin and Marth :D)

Best Year Ever Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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Am I the only one who's actually glad she's a Marth clone?

Really. Think about this. This generation of Smash is generally doing a far better job at capturing the essence of the original games. In Lucina's case, emulating Marth is the thing she'd do. Unlike everyone else, this is a character that should be a clone. In addition to Marth being a "clone" to Brawl's Marth, that is. I'd imagine they're made the same way - taken from the last game's character, apply new models, modify animations, change stats and so on. Clones are much easier to make, and that's why they opted to clone characters in the first place.

Also, quoting Sakurai on making Pichu in Melee: "Even if these (clones) are cut, there won't be more (non-clone) characters." -…

Anyway, congrats! I have to say, seeing Robin AND Lucina appear (and in the same movie) the best Smash update I've ever seen. It also cast away what little doubt I had with Smash.

Oh, and on the "all characters" thing, I don't think it's likely going to be "all" characters and stages thatare in the book, as advertised. With Brawl back then, Corocoro made a book like that, but it only covered the starters. Assuming that we still have hidden characters, "all" characters won't really be all of them.

I don't have any major wishes left for this Smash 3DS/Wii U, although I would add that I'd have wanted to see the Tower of Guidance from Radiant Dawn as a stage. My non-FE character wishes include someone from Golden Sun (a big fan here), Dillon (never played it, but he looks cool, so I'm glad he's an AT character) and Bowser Jr. (we need more bad guys), but at this point I don't care anymore. Smash 3DS/Wii U are already being sold to me.
JocelynSamara's avatar
I feel exactly the same way.  I'm totally fine with Lucina being a clone (especially of one of the characters I was already really good with, so she might even become my new main).

As for the Corocoro thing, I'd been hearing what you just said a lot over the past couple days.  When we were still waiting for Brawl years back, I really only followed the Dojo and and nothing else, so I wasn't aware of Corocoro's somewhat false advertisement.  I just thought it sounded like a reasonable timeframe given that the Japanese release of this game is in September (so mid-August wouldn't seem completely unheard of to me).  But I will keep this in mind when that day comes of Corocoro's "leak" comes.

All I'd like to see at this point are confirmation on some veterans (particularly Ness and Jigglypuff) and some more third party reps (Dragon Quest, Castlevania and Final Fantasy would be my picks), but as I said above, I'm not holding my breath for the latter.  It'd be nice to see, but I certainly wouldn't complain if something I didn't expect to get in, didn't get in. XD  Heck, I already got Mega Man and Lucina (as well as my Brawl main, Toon Link), so I think I'd be fine even if they stopped here (although Sakurai has confirmed there are more; I suspect around 40-42 total characters personally).
MilkyQ's avatar
Ah I loved Awakening! I was hoping for Henri to be added... /shot
VocaloidGamer's avatar
I love Henry!! Second favorite character. First is Cherche because, damn, that one knows how to keep Virion down -'sides, she has that cute relationship with Minerva :)
Magnatic's avatar
I'm so glad Lucina made it in! Now all I need is Shulk and a returning Ness and I think I'd actually be perfectly satisfied with the roster.
LordSoulSicarious's avatar
I don't really care, because even though she does look like a Marth clone, I never played Marth anyway, and I'm probably not going to play her.

Personally, I'm waiting on the return of Ness and Lucas (they were similar, but anyone who actually learned their characters know that they were different to play), Ice Climbers and Ganondorf (who is hopefully still just as terrible but hilarious as in Brawl.)

As for non-Brawl characters, I just want Isaac (Golden Sun series) in and the return of Mewtwo, who never should have been axed from Smash in the first place.

Unless I do actually get a lot of this, I might just not bother getting the game, simply because my main has been confirmed axed (I actually mained hybrid Sheik/Zelda, and think splitting them up was a terrible idea. I loved the transformation system.)
JocelynSamara's avatar
Personally, I'm happy they split up Zelda/Sheik and Samus/ZS Samus.  I like playing Zelda, but never got the hang of Sheik, so playing her always felt limiting because I'd essentially have one less attack in my arsenal.  Meanwhile, I vastly prefer ZS Samus to the regular version, but that meant having to avoid Smash balls.  So the way I see it, it's much less of a hassle now, and I can play these characters the way I want to.  Maybe it's just me, but I think this is a huge improvement personally.
LordSoulSicarious's avatar
The thing is though that they also introduced alternate moves - so why not just have optional moves to swap out transform for something else? It wasn't having one less attack, the characters were designed to be played with the transformations, so hybrid Sheik/Zelda had more versatility than any other character, and I loved being able to completely change up my playstyle mid-game. The change is taking out one of my favourite aspects of those characters and just feels like a slap in the face to the people who learned to play the character to its full potential.
Suki-chan36's avatar
Holy art spike, Batman! Those clean lines! That silhouette!
JocelynSamara's avatar
Why, thank you.  I try my best.  ^_^
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I have mixed  feeling about Lucina being added to smash I do think she will be a Marth clone because on the mii verse Sakurai said she has the same D.N.A as Marth and to me that means she is a clone but she might have a few move that are not the same hopefully also love the pic.
DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar
Cool! Not a fan of videogames all that much, but still, nice work!
Animasword's avatar
Don't worry, for too am ridiculously excited about Lucina's inclusion (I don't even care that she appears to be a Marth clone), commence hapyp dancing! (Oh and the image is cute too ^_^ )
JamieAgathaRose's avatar
I'm still not terribly enthusiastic about this console generation. Although I have no money anyway, so...

I would have preferred Lyndis, myself. Lucina does seem to scream "Distaff Marth" That being said, I do wanna smash as Princess Rosalina!!! :D I'm also wondering about Bayonetta 2, I'm a little open to the idea of it being on Wii U now that the PS4 and XBONE look like they aren't worth my time or money.


Actually you can play a casual match now without that, woot!

You should draw Lyndis sometime, with Florina.

HMS LynXFlorina!!! ^_^
reowns's avatar
thats so cute :D!
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