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Look at this mess!

Some people have been expressing some confusion regarding certain relationships in the story (particularly in regards to Emily and Maria), so I decided to make a little chart to explain the important relationships.  It's crazy convoluted, so this is probably as simplistic as I can make it.  Sorry for that.  Hopefully, it's at least semi decipherable.  

All information here has been established somewhere within the 677 pages currently available online (as of this writing).  If you don't remember where, I'll be happy drop some links.  Do be aware that anything could change at the drop of a hat too, and for all we know this could be dated by the time p.678 goes up (I don't think it actually will in this case, but hypothetically speaking).

And yes, there are other characters in the story, but I'm just focusing on the ones you should be aware of (mostly in the school setting).

UPDATE - Thank you for your reminders of all the things left off the chart. Most of which I am aware of, but left off for one of a few reasons:
1. I assume the reader knows already
2. I didn't think a it was as relevant anymore
3. I really couldn't fit it because two characters are miles away from each other on the chart

I do not claim this to be a perfect or complete list of relationships. Just some reminders of things I deemed important (and in some cases, thought some might forget).
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i cant wait for the page Rain and Ana comes out to eachother, its like the nicest thing to have a friend who is dealing with the same things as you, even if that thing is heartbrakingly hurtfull <3