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Mar. 27 '08

This was originally supposed to be kind of an April Fools gag. You know, the title is "Lesbian" but there aren't any. Just a kid who learned a new word and greatly misunderstood its definition. Get it? Yeah, as a prank it kinda sucks, but I think as a comic it's pretty funny.

Hence, I revealed five days sooner since I finished yesterday. Plus I was bored. And boredom apparently equals posting new pieces.


These are actually the famous snowman-building kids of past pieces:
First appearance:[link]
Second appearance: [link]

I'd said I wanted to do more with these kids and now I have. I'm proud of me for following through. They're so freakin' cute, that I can guarantee as long as I keep finding uses for them, you'll be seeing them again in future pieces. Look forward to it!

And since this is their official debut as true characters, allow me to formally introduce you to them.

The boy is Aidyn and the girl is his little sister, Madison. They're 10 and 8 years old respectively (which begs the question, why are they in the same classroom in this piece? I don't know either...) They're good-natured kids enjoying the little things in life (like building gi-freakin'-normous snowmen for example). Other than that, Aidyn's a big fan of giant robot anime, legos and anything with ninjas. Madison's major interests are Pokemon, singing and drawing (she drew that cow on the blackboard there; yes, it's a cow).

Whether or not any of this information will ever be relevant is still unknown, but hey, now you know. And knowing's half the battle.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the background is from an old RPG Maker XP map. Although, I specifically drew the cow on now because... I could. The background was too plain otherwise.
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I knew a guy in high school who did this.
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That's like saying "I like girls so that makes ME a Lesbian" Oh wait...
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lol this is amazing
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Ok, I'd be worried for that kid. XP
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"I, uh... I don't think it works like that.." 

Thats what I want to keep telling people but they don't listenClap 
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At my school , boys say they're lesbian and girls say they're gay. I tell guys that they're not lesbian, but I just can't handle it. Anyone on the same boat
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I'm a lesbian then, didn't know that i am one. Cool :D
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I like lesbians.
MegaOE's avatar
soo... you like straight guys? O_o
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She looks like a man. :)
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This happened to a whole bunch of kids in my elementary school x3
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you know, boys in my class made this joke.... HAHAHA, REAL funny.
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Y' know, there are actually "male lesbians" out there... And no, I'm not talking about lesbian-identified transgirls. I'm talking about male-identified males that call themselves lesbians. Even though they're dudes, and the definition of "lesbian" is "woman attracted to women."
Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. x.x I mean, no judgement, I just don't get it at all. You can't be a lesbian if you're a dude, right??

Anyway, funny pic. ^.^' I agree with whoever said that they look way older than 8 and 10, though. That dude looks at least 15 to me...
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Oh, gosh....
People in MY school are like that. -_- I tell them that isn't how it works but they JUST.... DON'T... LISTEN. :iconfliptableplz:
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My sister thinks the same think about "gay"

These two actually look a lot older than 10 and 8....
Redfierykitteh's avatar
Gay doesn't have to mean just homosexual guys. Gay is just homosexuality.
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