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Kylie - Old and New

I haven't been updating as many fun doodles and Rain Delays as I meant to this week (how bad is it when my Delay is delayed...?), so I whipped this up real quick. Should be a treat for people like knowing about the designing characters.


As you might have known, Rain was originally meant to be a fantasy story… but - to make a long story short - was switched to a slice-of-life setting to make it essentially a better story.

Every character who was in the original version has been transferred into the current version (and of course, many more were added). Obviously, with a vastly different setting, many characters had to go through some changes. But none have gone through so drastic a change as Kylie.

Although always genetically female, the current version spends the majority of her time presenting as male. Although, when she dresses girly, she goes all out, making Kylie very difficult to accurately label. The original version meanwhile, was simply always female. And utterly so, what with the super long pigtails.

But besides the way they dressed, I even draw them differently. Originally, Kylie was very tall and slender with long features. Now she's shorter, has a rounder face, and is surprisingly well-endowed when not concealing her assets.

Even the personality has changed. The original acted, in a lot of ways, a lot like Rain. Very shy, quiet and submissive. Afraid of doing anything to offend anyone or get in their way (like bossy sister, Heather, who has incidentally NOT changed much since the original). In fact, the original Kylie may have actually been shyER than Rain. Today, she's all too happy to make waves.

In a lot of ways, it's amazing I even kept the name and call her "the same character". The only real similarity is being the younger sibling of Heather. But truthfully, the original Kylie didn't "fit" well in the original, so the process required a lot of work to do what I could to make the character flow with the rest of the cast and the story. Ultimately, I'm decidedly happy with the changes I made. And Kylie seems to be a very well-liked character overall, so I'm led to believe you're also happy with these changes.

Wall of text aside, I hope you enjoyed this little adventure into my mind. Rain Delay tomorrow. Likely.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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…In all her pigtailed glory...
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I see. [:

I'm glad you have internet again - going without it would suck (personal experience.)

And, hiii! I'm Cindy, and I'm new around here. c:
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Hi, Cindy. If no one's said it already, welcome to DA. ^_^

And yeah, I'm no good without the internet. Apparently, it's my life blood. ^^;
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Oh, don't worry. The internet is my lifeblood, as well. [:

Thanks! I was actually referred by one of your readers.
I'm happy to be here. :D

Do you talk much over the messaging thing here, or..?
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Well that's quite a change.