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IMPURE - Roland

[EDIT] - I don't know why it went to Scraps. That's not the category I put it in... so, sorry if you get this in your inbox twice.

Remember this guy? His name is Roland. He's the guy in the middle in this little montage [link]

Yes, I'm still working on this off and on, but I'm posting this mostly because there was some interest shown in Impure (the title's growing on me) after that montage piece despite a gross lack of information given. So, I'm thinking of presenting stuff about it on Rain's off-days to kinda fill the void.

I'm also apparently only ever drawing it on paper. It's sketchy but I think this actually looks rather good, despite its unclean nature. I also like his design; it's a little more complex than usual for me, yet he still appears to be a normal-looking fellow (which is, kind of the point). He's not supposed to be some ultra badass waving around a sword three times his size like it's nothing. Is he strong and athletic? Sure. But much of the rest of the cast could probably still take him.

Anyway, the story is complicated and there are a lot factors involved with everything, making it a little tricky to introduce people without spoilers, but I'm gonna do my best. So without further ado, here is the main character of this new fantasy epic, Impure.

Roland Faust
Age – 20
Hair – Blond
Eyes – Brown
Height – 5’8” (172 cm)
Sign – Libra
Bloodtype – AB
Occupation – Explorer
Personality – Good-natured, Dwells on things that bother him for a LONG time
Likes – The rare moments of peace and quiet
Dislikes – Death, His own horrible luck
Weapon – His fists

Roland has had a rough life. He spent half of it fending for himself (through stealing) on the streets of an already poor village, in a kingdom known as Nicopolis. He didn't like having to live like that, but he was good at it (and widely hated by the villagers as a result). But the disdain of the villagers - and the country at large - reached new levels after a series of events led to him directly (albeit accidentally) killing the princess of the country. He had no choice but to run for his life.

Roland was able to escape by stowing away on a ship in the next country over. The ship was headed far to the north, to a place called The Pureland, a massive (seemingly) uninhabited landmass only just discovered about a year prior. Aboard the ship were people who referred to themselves as explorers, setting out to see what this new world had to offer. Despite being a stowaway, the crew actually took a liking to Roland, and offered to enlist him into their team. He saw this as an opportunity to turn his life around; to get out of a life of crime and really do something constructive and useful with himself.

The Pureland was definitely going to be a life-changing experience for him, but not how he wished. In actuality, it may have even been better for him to just stay in Nicopolis…


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Impure, Roland, and all other characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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Obviously, the first thing that is worth pointing out is that I like that you are continuing to make your starting characters more down to earth. I'm sure you already know my intent, but I like characters that seem normal and don't have this grand agenda plan, more like victims of chaos theory in which they have to adjust to compete with the situation. But obviously you gave enough info to really tell us some things. Like the fact he is an unwilling thief tells me that he is an orphan, and if not probably ran away. His fear of death and poor luck, as well as his love of momentary peace tell me that he has also been doing this for a while, maybe not even being sure as to how it started. The fact he uses his fist tells me that he never was train in weapons like most boys his age, further showing he is orphaned. And even though he can use them, they are just not in how he was brought up. And the fact he is still in a good nature tells me he must remember something important from his lonely youth, but his ability to hold on to terrible memories show that he must have either have a good heart, or did something he does regret to lead him onto this path of thievery. He also has been doing this for long since he still has a good moral compass and good intelligence about him, telling me he was probably loved when he was young too. And the necklace that you drew on his profile tells me it has a strong connection to his past, since as a thief he would sell the valuables for a place to sleep and a hot meal. And ou draw him with hyper expressions, telling me that he isn't a thief like Kid from Chrono Cross. Meaning that he still makes mistakes and has to make up for that. That really does help make it more believable that he was more victim of circumstances to the princesses death and how he chose to go to Pureland.

Of coarse most of this is probably background, but knowing you (in rpg standards) this may nfluence how effective he is in battle and how often he will steal something good, something weird, or even just tripping and stealing someone's underwear by mistake (if Roland's stats and equipment are low). Also enjoyed that he uses his hands, for lack of creativity, in the mother series they had bats, pans, guns, some blades, sticks, gloves, boots, and even bones. I just loved it when you take that path and not fall back on Buster swords, Gunblades, and just weapons meant more for wow factor, even though they still wow. If anything Roland made showed your creativity the same way as I saw Abel from Shangri-La, since he had issues and a unique character development that is important to the story but still effects the gameplay (provided that its a game).

Now this maybe a little random, but I want to point out that I really enjoy where you are going so far. It could be the way my brain is, or you were really aiming for this. But to be honest I was thinking of the Demon boy from Shin Megami Tensei 3 as Roland is a victim of circumstance. The departure from Nicopolis reminds me of some Final Fantasy stories as I saw it as this vast entity that seems to swallow all intruders in its metalic jaws. And the arrival to Pureland, in a stark contrast, is like Wild Arms and Dragon Quest (maybe Breath of Fire) since its more of a land that is ripe for exploration where there are things that even man aren't even aware about. Though because Pureland is mostly uninhabitated in comparison to Nicopolis that has more of a developed society and, to the eyes of Roland filled with strange people, we assume that is the more dangerous place. But in Pureland, we are in a new place that we haven't learn to fight against. Such as will your own crewmates hurt us, did something follow us from Nicopolis, or is their something in Pureland that Roland might accidentally upset. So far a lot of what ifs and a lot of potential character development. Seasoned finally with an atmosphere that just feels soooooo right. I look forward to more and where this will go in terms of your classics.

(god, that didn't think I would give one of these again.)