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IMPURE - Callista

Once again, I offer another Impure introduction (as I'd have nothing else to post today otherwise). You've seen her before in this montage [link] . She goes by the name, Callista.

It's odd. Usually, I scoff at skimpy armor on female characters, but I like to think it works here. She hails from a country that is very hot, and heavy armor would simply be counter-productive. Furthermore, their army's methods are a bit "offensive" in nature with a "You won't need much protection if you take your opponent down quickly and effectively" mentality. As such women AND men tend to wear very little to battle from this country; if it allows them to carry more weight's worth of weapons, it's a small price to pay by their ideals.

Regardless of her armor not covering much, Callista here still manages to have the most complex design out of the whole cast overall, I think. Honestly, I don't know how I managed that, but I did. ^^;

Callista Nicola
Age – 22
Hair – Black
Eyes – Green
Height – 5’6” (167 cm)
Sign – Gemini
Bloodtype – B
Occupation – Princess
Personality – Impatient, Snarky, Has to have the last word
Likes – Thrills and excitement, especially combat
Dislikes – Tea, Waiting
Weapon – Spear and sword quite interchangeably

Princess Callista of Nicopolis used to be such a dignified young lady. Despite her nation’s extreme and controversial military practices, she’d remained largely pacifistic at all times. But two years ago, her younger sister, Minerva, was murdered by some street thief. After days of inconsolable grief, she left her room at last, and her entire demeanor did a complete 180.

Whether driven by revenge or duty or whatnot, she threw diplomacy out the window, and began training in combat with the rest of the soldiers. And it was unreal! For someone who’d seemingly never lifted a sword before, she was a natural, besting many of the other soldiers her age who’d been training their whole lives.

By the time the story begins, other countries have been exploring the new world to the north that many are calling The Pureland for a little over two years now. Although Nicopolis has historically opted to stay out of international affairs and do its own thing, concern is rising over rumors that are spreading about new technology and types of weaponry that are being found in this land. The king decides it may be best to at least see what is going on over there so their nation doesn’t suffer any weakness. He sends his daughter Callista (who doubles as his best soldier) to see this land for herself and report her findings.


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Impure, Callista, and all other characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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To start, at least you didn't give her such armor if Nicopolis is supposed to be more arctic. To be honest I'm still amazed short shorts are okay for mountainous terrain in games. So you suffer no ill-will from me in you choice of attire. As if this is a game, for some reason you made it sound like you have a weight system. The fact she needs to compromise protection for manueverability tells me you poured a lot of thought on how the Nicopolians (hope its okay to call them that) structure themselves defensively. To be honest I love it when people consider that. When you are forced to really choose what to carry and how much to carry. Yeah, I'm calling out the Final Fantasy menus that will have one slot with 99 items and have an overall of 50-100 slots. Its definitely something I hope will be done more sparingly. The fact Callista can also move from short range blades to long range spears also properly tells me that she is your probable pure fighter. Though I want to ask if you wish for her to even dual weild weapons based on the pic on the top right. If so I comemorate you for that.

Personality wise I do like the contrast with Roland, who seems to be more peaceful, while Callista seems more vengence driven. Though what makes them seem really similar is the fact they both probably have a strong will to continue forward. I'm sure it is safe to say that she must have really loved Minerva, since she is the catalyst to her becoming a pure war machine. Most of that relationship would be speculation on what they did together, but I'm starting to feel like Minerva is becoming a more enigmatic figure to Impure. To be honest I really love that. As an example of this, I read only a couple of books (Like It by Stephen King) in which it had an important character die really early only to become one of the primary characters of the story. Its kind of weird since its difficult to pull off, but such an effective tool when done right. If that wasn't your intent, no big deal, I'm just throwing thoughts out there.

I also loved how you gave more evidence of Nicopolis and Pureland through this description. These being that Nicopolis is warmer and has a strong military. In someway it tells me that its a bit like Midgar, meaning that it holds the most ruling power compared to other residences. The other is that Pureland is more unknown and maybe not as untamed as I originally thought (didn't read this when I wrote on Roland for a pure opinion). That there are reports of technology here that maybe a threat to Nicopolis. This only leads to societies greatest mystery, what happened in the land of Pureland and what was once there. It really is an enigma that can only be discovered through Journey.

On an ending note, really enjoy her design (it really is complicated looking at it more). Glad you made her a little like to tell us that she is still royalty, but tomboyish enough to not make her just another pretty princess with a sword. I'm sure here speech might be really masculine as well. Really hope she proves how strong she is when she starts her journey to Pureland and ultimately what happened to Minerva.