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Chibi Kaminari

Man, I'm spoiling you guys this weekend.  Or rather, I'm just succumbing to my whims to doodle the random things that come to mind and posting them.  XD

This image may or may not be relevant, so take this however you will.  ^_^
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It might not be directly Rain related, but also in a way it is still related to Rain. Maybe will we will see someone cosplaying as Kaminari at the Con I guess we will see. Should be fun either way.
Those wings sure do look familiar...  I hope this means what I think it means!  ;D
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Aww! I want wings!!!

So adorable. ^_^
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oh very cute, i cant wait to see how this goes. i think Rain could pull off a Kaminari cosplay herself
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Since Rain's going to a convention, will we be seeing this person there? Like, as a cosplayer in the background?
Because that'd be kinda cool.
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I can't give specific details, but this may or may not have been Kaminari-drawing practice.
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