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My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I'm a gamer, anime fan, trans girl, and author/artist of the webcomics, Rain and My Impossible Soulmate.

Good morning all! I've got a few comic updates for you. In case you missed it, I snuck some new character intros up last week (for Ai, Honoka, and Momokomo). I will add more over time as needed, but this will be all the new intros for now (Chiaki's mom and brother another day). Keeping them all as separate images like this means they're much easier to update than Rain's Characters page, so I should be able to update it more frequently. Small details like may be added quietly, but I'll try to keep the bigger additions of whole new characters between chapters (and I'll announce them like I'm doing now). And since I mentioned it, I got sidetracked, but an update to the Rain's Characters page is still coming. I don't have a specific date for it, but hopefully sooner than later. ^_^ As for MIS itself, I would like to return to posting as soon as next week (or the week after that at the very latest).
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I can't wrap things up for the year without doing a little reflection. Sure, every individual site/app has their own "year in review" gimmick nowadays, but I still have to do it my way. These are all the games I played, anime I watched (and new this year, manga I read) in 2022. If you wanna hear my thoughts on anything, feel free to ask. And if you remember and wanna share your own, please do. (I keep a list throughout the year, myself; I'd never remember all this on my own.) XD
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Almost a year ago, I posted this image on social media, announcing my next comic ahead of the final chapter of my last one. Even though it probably looks like I haven't done much in the 7+ months since Rain ended, it's been a wild year of planning, writing, re-writing, scrapping, and re-writing again. And now, in just a couple days (Monday, December 5th), I'm going to start a brand new webcomic adventure. All of the quirky queer/trans characters and dramatic relatable storylines people seemed to like Rain for, plus all the fantasy lore and oddity I've always wanted to write. Truthfully, I don't know what kind of responses to expect. But I feel like I'm onto something special here, so I hope this'll resonate with y'all as well. And I hope you'll join me on Monday (December 5th), when My Impossible Soulmate launches. ^_^ (I should probably add that for the first week, just to get the ball rolling, drop in every weekday for a new page. On week 2, we'll settle into our
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Hello i love you arts

You are best artist i ever seen

I'm serious

Happy birthday Jossy, may it be profoundly pleasant. = )

I look forward to your return to your regular schedule, after you have been sufficiently Zelda'd, of course. ^_^

Just to ask, do you take comms?

HI Jocelyn, I want to wish you a very happy birthday and all the wishes for your future. I also want to thank you for creating Rain the series, it has been an inspiration to me as not only a transgirl myself but as an artist/writer too. I always wanted to comment on the site and say hi but was too self conscious of myself back then. Anyways I hope you enjoy the day beautifully and can’t wait to see My Impossible Girlfriend when it’s released. Until then,


Hi Jocelyn - happy Slugs-Return-from-Capistrano Day! Have you had the chance to thank a slow-moving, slimy friend yet?