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Cutting a little close on my part.  ^^;

Anyway, it's nothing much.  Just a huge wall of text sharing some thoughts going into this year's E3 as promised the other day.  Read it if you like.  Share your thoughts if it tickles your fancy.  Argue if you really have to (but let's not get unnecessarily confrontational about differences in opinions, shall we?).


- I always go into Square's presentations expecting so much from them because of who they used to be, and come out disappointed by the reminder that they are not that company I grew up with anymore.  That's not to say they don't still put out good games, but their shows in recent years really highlight how tonedeaf they can be.  It probably doesn't help that most of what I tend to hope for from them is pretty pie-in-the-sky.  But seriously, was ANYONE asking for a second season of FF15 DLC?  Just move on, already.  ^^;

- That said, much as I'd love to see them do just that and move on and announce FF16, there's next to no chance of that getting even hinted at this year.  And even if it does, I'll probably have to wait until the PS7 to play it when I'm over 50.  Same with FF7 Remake.  Last I heard, that's so deep in development hell, I don't imagine them saying much there.

- I remember people hoping for some kind of 1 through 9 collection of Final Fantasy last year for the 30th anniversary.  I think there was a fake leak about it too.  Amazing as that would be, I don't see that happening either.  Honestly, I'd be happy to just see FF8 get a port on PS4 after being so unceremoniously skipped in favor of FF9 last year.

- Speaking of older games, I'd be ecstatic if that Seiken Densetsu Collection that came out in Japan for Switch last year could make it over here.  Even if it was digital only; I usually prefer physical games, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

- We know Dragon Quest 11 is coming to the west for PS4 this September (and I'm ALL hype), and the Switch eventually.  But I still haven't given up on DQ10.  I mean, would I be crazy for thinking an MMO would be a brilliant way to hype up Nintendo's online service?

- Staying on the subject of DQ, the first three entries in the series got ports for modern systems following shortly after DQ11's release in Japan.  No word of that here yet, but I'd love for that to be the case.

- And seriously, Slime for Smash!  :D

- So, I think all of that was more hopes than predictions.  Oddly, I don't know what to predict.  More info on FF15 DLC, probably.  A new character or two for Dissidia NT.  Probably some Kingdom Hearts 3 stuff.  Something mobile-related.  Maybe something on Octopath Traveler because that comes out really soon (yay!).

Namco Bandai
- I was gonna say that Code Vein would probaby get a new trailer and maybe a release date, but then I took a peak because I couldn't remember if a date was ever dropped.  It was.  Yesterday there was a meaty, new trailer that revealed the release date for September.  I mean, I called it given that I didn't know, but does it count if the information was technically available by the time I said it?  ^^;

- I hear Tales of Vesperia may be getting a tenth anniversary port.  I'd be pretty excited for that as I've heard a lot of good things about that one, but never owned the 360 to play it.  I feel like a new Tales could get announced this year too.  There's been some rumbling that maybe it's time.  I'd be down (even if I haven't gotten around to Berseria yet).

- I've had a bit of a falling out with this company in recent years (as many people have), but they seem to have something they want to share at E3, including two games on Switch (a compilation game, and an action-adventure game). 

- That Switch presence in particular makes me feel pretty confident a Konami character could appear in Smash.  My biggest hope is for a Castlevania character (Simon Belmont is the popular choice, but any Belmont, or Alucard, or Soma, or Shanoa would be fine by me too).  But Bomberman is certainly plausible too.  Or Snake could come back.  Any of them would be welcome, but I suspect if it happens at all, it'd only be one of these.

- The poster child of E3 for Nintendo this year seems to be Smash Bros.  And of course it is.  Between the presentation, the treehouse, the Invitational, and the fact that it's allegedly coming out in the next six months while we know next to nothing says they're gonna have a lot to say.  New characters (I'm betting at least 3-5 announced throughout E3).  New stages.  New modes (hopefully a more robust single player experience in particular).  I look forward to hearing what they say; I just hope they don't spoil EVERYTHING like they've done in the past.

- A new Smash Bros Amiibo line will be announced along with it, highlighting the new character additions in particular.  I will be hype.

- Fire Emblem is supposed to be getting a new installment on Switch within 2018 as well, and similar to Smash, we know nothing.  I think they're going to spend a lot of time talking about this one too.  Since there's pretty much nothing to go off right now, I can't even begin to guess what to expect.  I wasn't crazy about the dungeon exploration from Echoes, but I do think it's likely to return.  I imagine marrying and baby-making will come back too (I'd love to see more queer romancing options though!).

- Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee confirmed in the initial trailer that there would be just one new Pokemon in the game.  I bet that will be the first Gen 8 Pokemon we learn about, and will probably have some kind of presence in Smash (whether in the roster, or at least found in Pokeballs).  I wonder if it's too soon to reveal it though, but I'm just gonna go all in and say they will.

- Gen 8 will otherwise not be talked about or shown at all.  We probably won't hear much more than we already know about it until after the Let's Go games come out.  Possibly not even until next year.

- I don't particularly care about Metroid Prime 4, but I'd put money on it being shown to some capacity.  It's not coming out this year though.  As I'm not big on Metroid, I don't care one way or the other myself, but I think this could be Ridley's time for Smash.  I've just never been convinced by the size argument.

- I'm not big on Star Fox either, but I feel confident that the Grand Prix rumor is real.  It's just weird and out there enough to get behind, and I can totally see it happening.  The rage and tears from diehard fans will be big, and then it'll release and be the best game the series has had in years.  I'm predicting that whole thing. XD

- I'd like to hear something more about Yoshi.  I think we will too.  Not much else to say.  I just adored Woolly World, and look forward to the craftsy aesthetic of this new one.

- Mother 3 almost assuredly won't get brought up, but because someone's gotta predict it every E3, I'll go in with it.  In the 0.000001% chance I'm right: huzzah!  I called it!  Otherwise, of course it won't happen.  Sniffle...

- Expect to hear a great deal of yammering regarding why we should get on board for the Nintendo Online Service.  Probably the other ten NES games that come with it.  Hopefully some clarification that it's not going to be exclusively NES.  And almost assuredly most of the games talked about this year will have some kind of online functionality.

- It's been leaked by Amazon Mexico that RPG Maker MV is coming to Switch.  So I can confirm that I will be releasing a game for the Switch in the future.  XD

- One or two 3DS games could be announced to prove that the 3DS still has games coming and is not dead.  They'll both be exclusive, and fans will curse and cry about why they should be on Switch instead.  XD

- More of a hope than anything, but I would really love to see The Snack World: Trejarers get announced for western release.  I don't know how many people know about it, but it looks like a very Fantasy Life-esque game (also by Level 5), that was on the 3DS and recently ported to the Switch.  I was hype for it when it was announced for 3DS years ago, and I'm hype again now that it's on Switch; it just needs to come on over!  Fantasy Life WAS announced and shown off quite a bit in a past E3 too, so it's not impossible either.


I didn't talk about EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, or any other western developers in general, because I don't really have any opinions on them or what to expect from them.  It's just not my cup of tea.  I'm just focusing on what I know and care about.

Hope this was fun to read.  What are your thoughts, going in?


Jocelyn Samara D.
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My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I'm a gamer, anime fan, trans girl, and author/artist of the webcomic, Rain.


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