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:heart: The meaning of this feature is to show up the superb gifts
and Dedications I have received and to feature some works from
these awesome artists. I want to thank each of these persons for
their kindness and thoughtfulness which have touched me so very
much! :heart:

In chronological order:


Happy Birthday sweet Jocelyne by jennystokes

My pain! by jennystokes  Peace and Reconciliation by jennystokes
  Octopus Island by jennystokes
Woody won't smile! by jennystokes


Surprise! I'm Cute! by TeaPhotography
andCoastal Poppy Magic by TeaPhotography
and I'm Okay, I Was Born This Way by TeaPhotography

Yes You Darling by TeaPhotography Kindness Emanates by TeaPhotography
Ode to The Good Listener by TeaPhotography
Dance Like No One is Watching by TeaPhotography
Reflection at Day's End by TeaPhotographyStars of The Sea in Aqua Marine by TeaPhotography


Thank you by SaraPereiraArt

 Touch of pink by SaraPereiraArt  Vision of love by SaraPereiraArt 
A espuma... by SaraPereiraArt


hello by 1001G

Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Woodsman by 1001G  Happy Birthday Gigi by 1001G  Happy Birthday Bianca by 1001G

Make your own path by 1001G


SECLUSION... by chryssalis

and UNDER MY SKIN... by chryssalis

   DEEP ROOTS.. by chryssalis  DOMESTIC STRANGER (edit) by chryssalis 
TEACH ME MORE... by chryssalis
MIND CONTROL.. by chryssalis


Schutzengel by BlueAnomiS

O P E N _ Y O U R _ H E A R T by BlueAnomiS  One.Happy.Day by BlueAnomiS

 Make_A_Wish by BlueAnomiS


Black Crow by blueMALOU
and Flowers and trees by the sea by blueMALOU
and Seagull on calm sea by blueMALOU

Close up Seagull800 by blueMALOU Lady Beetle7 by blueMALOU
Sea of dawn by blueMALOU Shadow of the Seagulls by blueMALOU
  Eyes closed Head floating stage by blueMALOU  Blue sea shadow tunnel by blueMALOU


THANKYOU FOR THE POINTS!! by kakashi-narutorules

Fractal Swirl by kakashi-narutorules Flourish of Green Swirls by kakashi-narutorules
Happy Birthday Deidara!! by kakashi-narutorules
Blossom Yet Again by kakashi-narutorules


For JocelynR from his cat pic... by vfrrich

. by vfrrich  . by vfrrich 
. by vfrrich
. by vfrrich


Breakfast time by DanaAnderson

Pink Tenderness by DanaAnderson Lonely by DanaAnderson
Red and White by DanaAnderson
Rainbow Cat by DanaAnderson


Be My Valentine by Twins72-Stocks 

Free Fantasy Back-3 by Twins72-Stocks Into green by Twins72-Stocks 
150-Twins72-Stocks by Twins72-Stocks


and <da:bigthumb id="441772825"/>



Two Friends by philippeL

The Fog Winding Down by philippeL Descent on the Jade Planet by philippeL
Japanese Bond Girl by philippeL

The Eyes of the Stalker by philippeL


Unread Letter by Sisterslaughter165

 Summer Memories by Sisterslaughter165  For Nataly and Ewa by Sisterslaughter165
 A Dream of Flying by Sisterslaughter165 
Murka by Sisterslaughter165

The Bride by LindArtz

True Love by LindArtz  
 Once in a blue Moon by LindArtz
One of those Days by LindArtz


:bulletgreen: This part is consecrated to people who have kindly
featured one or more of my photos and/or have helped me in a way
or another. I thank each of you so very much! :bulletgreen:

The persons featured appear in chronological order.

Featured Artists


Soft Scent of Spring... by Tigles1Artistry The Warmth of Nature by Tigles1Artistry
Happy Birthday Isa by Tigles1Artistry
WANDERING FURTHER.... by Tigles1Artistry
WOMAN WONDERINGS.... by Tigles1Artistry



137. Cosmic inspirations - Milky way by Erozja 94. Fairy of frost 2 by Erozja 
155. Warrior women - Celtic by Erozja
 119. Wind angel by Erozja 93. Ladies portraits - Lavende by Erozja


Magic moment by awesome43 
Awakening by awesome43


Ametist by VasiDragos Woman by VasiDragos
A touch of blue by VasiDragos
Snow kitty by VasiDragos


Ravens Grief by KarinClaessonArt  Wall Of Conquest by KarinClaessonArt


Kitten Eyes by ElyneNoir




Eagle Profile by philippeL   Suspicious by philippeL
Defying Winter by philippeL


World Cat Day 2013 by poserfan


The Hue Of You by Trippy4U
Cobwebs In My Head by Trippy4U
 A Forgotten Future by Trippy4U Another Way Out by Trippy4U
  Opposites Do Attract by Trippy4U


The Fountain of Life by LaraBLN



t h o u g h t by creativemikey 
Texture Coated by creativemikey


Saturday in March by XanaduPhotography



   photo of Bercik, by panna-poziomka  i want spring! by panna-poziomka

  t o g e t h e r by panna-poziomka lake+sunset+duck family= by panna-poziomka



Sparkly---AWC-27 by marthig Under-Cover---AWC-20---GrandJulian3D by marthig
Miro-fractalized-AWC-23 by marthig
Twins - AWC Nbr 15 by marthig 



Passerby by pagan-live-style  Seeside sparrow. by pagan-live-style

 Finally a bit of summer by pagan-live-style  Surreal spring lightning II by pagan-live-style


Winter Songbirds by mk-kayem


Covering All Approaches by Corvidae65

A Stormy Night by Corvidae65



Birthday Girl..sss by Aussie-Blonde

Adorable by Aussie-Blonde


You Mean to Tell Me I'm adopted!? by CRG-Free

 Existance Fades by CRG-Free Midnight Beauty by CRG-Free


Smell of Spring by XanaduPhotography


Kleiner Fuchs - for Tea by Miarath

Blick zum Stadtpark - view to our citypark by Miarath


Red, Red Rose by Heidi-V-Art


Out of the gloom by pjenz  when you need a hand ........................... by pjenz

 my vinca 4 by pjenz


A friend in the wild by ZeeShiKing

Thank-you by KmyGraphic

<da:thumb id="442931341"/>

To be continued...

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Awesome feature and beautiful works! Headbang!