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My birthday was three months ago but it has been impossible for me to make a journal and even to upload some photos.

My birth anniversary has been a marvelous day on DA, thanks to my wonderful Watchers and Friends, I am so very grateful! I have been spoiled with so many gorgeous gifts and other thoughts, like a journal, points, etc., not forgetting a lot of kind wishes I have taken note of.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Watchers and Friends, for having made this day an unforgettable one. I love you all!  :love:  :heart:

:iconlindartz: her gift = Happy Birthday Jocelyne  by LindArtz

Bounty's Angel  by LindArtz   Nightly Stroll  by LindArtz

:iconnudagimo: her gift= Where does the journey go to 2014 by nudagimo

Happy Holidays 2014 by nudagimo   Family Wolf 2014 by nudagimo

:iconarthur-ramsey: his gift = Leaves Under Water by Arthur-Ramsey

Sandra on the Slopes by Arthur-Ramsey   Daniela by Arthur-Ramsey

:iconisider: her gift = for Jocelyne by isider

Hexagons for Joe! by isider  Claudio's Pyramid. by isider

:icontigles1artistry: her gift = A Path to Eternity for Jocelyne... by Tigles1Artistry

Happy Birthday Shlomit... by Tigles1Artistry   It is raining flowers..... by Tigles1Artistry

:iconpamonk: her gift =


:iconwhitebook: her gift = The Light Inside by WhiteBook

   Smilling in the rain by WhiteBook   Blow Me... by WhiteBook

:iconjacac: his gift = Postcard from China 20 by JACAC

Lisbon 86 by JACAC  Postcard from China 37 by JACAC

:iconshlomitmessica: her gift = Happy birthday ,Jocelyne by ShlomitMessica

Happy birthday ,Heather by ShlomitMessica  Reflections in the river by ShlomitMessica

:iconmomotte2: her gift = Owl butterfly in green world by Momotte2

Happy meal for red squirrel by Momotte2roBack in wilderness paradise by Momotte2

:iconblubirdss: her gift = Dandilon story by Blubirdss

Day in the woods by Blubirdss   Blessed by Blubirdss

:iconillydragonfly:her gift =  Bathing in the sun by IllyDragonfly

My coat has a face!!!! by IllyDragonfly   Adorable Adare by IllyDragonfly

:iconarte-de-junqueiro: his gift = Nature Recycling by Arte-de-Junqueiro

Winter in our 'sub-tropical' paradise by Arte-de-Junqueiro   Home in time for tea by Arte-de-Junqueiro

:iconvasidragos: her gift = Jocelyne's rose by VasiDragos

Degrade by VasiDragos  Sunbathing by VasiDragos

:iconsaperlipop: her gift = For Jocelyne With Love by saperlipop

   Magpies For Momotte by saperlipop    The Voyagers by saperlipop

:iconflorhalie: her gift =


:iconphilippel: his gift = I Got Them by JocelyneR by philippeL

Blue Bird by philippeL   Winter Dream by philippeL

:iconkmygraphic: her gift = Happy Birthday Jocelyne ! by KmyGraphic

My Lady by KmyGraphic   Colors by KmyGraphic 

:iconansdesign: her gift = Happy Birthday Jocelyne... by ansdesign

Bluebird... by ansdesign   Andante... by ansdesign

:iconlewiarts: her gift = A lot of booty by LewiARTs

Climbing isn't a art by LewiARTs   As beautiful as an Orchid by LewiARTs

:iconlarabln: her gift = Autumn in Heaven by LaraBLN

El Dragon y el Hada by LaraBLN   Return by LaraBLN

:iconrezzanatakol: her gift =


:iconcrg-free: his gifts = Raise the Bar by CRG-Free
and  = Nature's Glory by CRG-Free

Monarch on Milkweed by CRG-Free  Colors of Autumn by CRG-Free

:iconyuukihanabusa: her gift = Happy b-day  gift by yuukihanabusa

Moka Akashiya by yuukihanabusa    If Shiki was a girl by yuukihanabusa

:iconjankalateckova: her gift = Butterfly for Jocelyne by JankaLateckova
The Dryad by JankaLateckova  

:iconxanaduphotography: her gift = for Jocelyne by XanaduPhotography

Walking between rays and winter mist by XanaduPhotography  A fine day by XanaduPhotography

:iconamykphotos: her gift = Lovely flower for lovely ladies by AmyKPhotos

Deep purple by AmyKPhotos   And it was all yellow... by AmyKPhotos

:icontwins72: her gift = happy bday jocelyne by Twins72

OMG look by Twins72  Happy bday frenchfox by Twins72

:iconingelore: her gift =


:icon1001g: her gift = Happy Birthday  Dear Jocelyne by 1001G

Sunday Walk by 1001G   Orchid by 1001G

:iconsayurimvromei: her gift = Happy Birthday Jo! by SayuriMVRomei

Chats Amoureux - sumi-e by SayuriMVRomei     Dancing in the Moonlight by SayuriMVRomei    

:iconhiaamir: his gift = Happy birthday by hiaamir

For Jocelyne by hiaamir   Hunza Valley - Ata Baad Lake - Pakistan by hiaamir 

:iconmarob0501: her gift = For JocelyneR by marob0501

alert by marob0501   snow on roof 2 by marob0501

:iconmorningstarskid: his gift = BLUE LIGHT-NGN GIFTED J-C-R by morningstarskid

BLEEDING IN BETWEEN by morningstarskid  LOOKING UP...LOVE HOPE DREAM by morningstarskid

:iconmddahl: her gift = Happy Birthday, Jocelyne! by MDDahl

Art work 1 by MDDahl   IMG 0232 by MDDahl

:icontrippy4u: his gift = No Boundaries by Trippy4U

Gotta Leave But Don't Wanna Go by Trippy4U   One Last Autumnal Ramble VII by Trippy4U

:iconzobz22: her gift = Poupine by Zoba22

\PXION CHIBI- Kingdom Hearts by Zoba22roWelcome, Vero by Zoba22

:icongigi50: her gift =

Say whattt by gigi50 

:iconteaphotography: her gift = Kuddle Kits by TeaPhotography

Hidden Joys of Jezel by TeaPhotography  Wishes From An October Sprite by TeaPhotography

:iconmr-ripley: his gift = The Intangible Journey of a Lonely Boy by Mr-Ripley

On Golden Pond by Mr-Ripley     Santa Claus Is Not Coming To Town by Mr-Ripley       

:iconmissspocks: her gift = It's The Little Things by MissSpocks

I Really Should Do Something (said no cat ever) by MissSpocks   In Plain Sight by MissSpocks

:iconnataly1st: her gift = Zeus by Nataly1st

Venus by Nataly1st    Rainy... by Nataly1st

:iconjennystokes: her gift = For Jocelyne. by jennystokes

Palmistry at the Bus Stop. by jennystokes   Overflowing. by jennystokes

:iconsisterslaughter165: their gift = For Jocelyne by Sisterslaughter165

Caress by Sisterslaughter165   Butterfly Dreams by Sisterslaughter165

:iconfloriaiglenoir: her gift = ...in my village 2 by floriaiglenoir

...Brothers under the Sun... by floriaiglenoir    ...detail IV of the Dream by floriaiglenoir



Fog, and the girl by ladyjudina  Machu-Picchu 2 by ladyjudina

The Luck Is Always Green by sesam-is-open   When Dreams Come True by sesam-is-open 

111. Nature angel by Erozja   173. Exentric - Queen of hearts by Erozja


Stunned Kitty by philippeL   Dark Cat on Black Board by philippeL

Tato by PaolaCamberti    Ornella Muti's portrait by PaolaCamberti

unFOLD by Anj3lla   Symphony of Silence by Anj3lla

Toni quiet beauty by analovecatdog   you stand out happy birthday joe maccer by analovecatdog

He is mine! by Megan-Arts   Give me my shoes back! by Megan-Arts

BannerLEFTside by KmyGraphic BannerMIDDLEside by KmyGraphic BannerRIGHTside by KmyGraphic

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RezzanATAKOL's avatar
A very late thank you dear Jocelyne:))
Big hug :huggle:
Megan-Arts's avatar
Thank you so much for the lovely feature sweetheart and I'm sure you had a wonderful B-day! :heart: :love:
I'm sorry for my late! 
WhiteBook's avatar
:blowkiss: you deserve everything!
LaraBLN's avatar
:huggle::Heart Love: by RosaBlu:blowkiss: my dear Jocelyne!!!
... and sorry for the very late comment
Trippy4U's avatar
A warm thank you to you dear Jo...for all that you do for so many time and again :hug:
JocelyneR's avatar
It is always a pleasure to feature you, dear Richard, and it is so well deserved!  :hug:
Momotte2's avatar
Quels merveilleux cadeaux !! tu les mérites tellement ! :dance: :hug:
LewiARTs's avatar
A really stunning collection dear Jocelyne :nod:

I’m surprise to see three of my pieces - thank you! :huggle:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Dear Jo, I'm glad you had such a beautiful day and I send you a big hug.:heart::iconbeauroseplz:
SayuriMVRomei's avatar
Thank you so much for this beautiful feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tighthug::iconawwwplz:
VasiDragos's avatar
Amazing feature, great gifts :heart: thank you so much dear friend :hug:
JocelyneR's avatar
The pleasure is all mine, dear Vasi!  :hug:

Thanks to you too!  :heart:
Douce-Amertume's avatar
Hehehe! Toujours en retard, je suis impardonnable! :iconflowersplz:
JocelyneR's avatar
Merci beaucoup, cher Patrick!  :hug:

Je suis toujours en retard moi-même, ne vous inquiètez pas!  :D
floriaiglenoir's avatar
Wow by KmyGraphic You have been spoiled with so many beautiful gifts, Sweetie,and You deserve them all so much!What a huge and sublime collection Beautiful by LOVEMAYU
An honor to be featured by AudraMBlackburnsArt Thank You by KmyGraphic Warm Sunshine by KmyGraphic <da:thumb id="452985767" format="200H">
LokiDalton's avatar
Hey there!

May I add this to my group :iconartfeaturejournals: 's gallery? =]

I sent you a request if you are interested =]
JocelyneR's avatar
Of course, you may!

Thank you very much! 
LokiDalton's avatar
Thank you! =D

And you're welcome =D
Tigles1Artistry's avatar
Thanks sooo much my lovely Jocelyne....
Well deserved gifts as you are an amazing artist and fabulous friend...:nod::iconloveyouplz::blowkiss:
JocelyneR's avatar
Oh, my dear Teresa, the pleasure is all mine!  :heart:

And thank you for your kind comment, you are a fabulous friend too, for sure!  :iconlovehug:  :iconlovecatsplz:

I will send you an update asap, I am running after my time. :iconflowerheartplz:
Tigles1Artistry's avatar
Ok my dearest... I will be waiting...:nod:
TeaPhotography's avatar
Thank you this is just gorgeous my dear friend! :iconcatlplz: :dance:
I send you my love and friendship. :huggle:
JocelyneR's avatar
Thank you kindly, my dear Tea!  :iconfrostymorningbliss:

I send you my love and friendship as well!  :tighthug:  :blowkiss:
hiaamir's avatar
beautiful feature, and thanks for including my work here...
btw thanks too for remembering me
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