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My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I'm a gamer, anime fan, trans girl, and author/artist of the webcomic, Rain.
As of today, my list of things to do looks like this. As opposed to April 20th, where it looked like this. So, not an overwhelming amount has changed (bear in mind, some of that time was also my time off), but progress is happening. ^_^ Earlier this week, I posted a teaser for My Impossible Soulmate, which I was very excited to find received an overwhelmingly positive response. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect, but it's been very encouraging. And all the input/criticism is being taken into consideration. I'll probably post some font and brush tests and such in the future too in favor of offering as optimal an experience as I can. ^_^ I've also finally finished all the new drawings for the Characters page. All 68 of the originally projected 50. (So. Many. Characters...) XD I haven't worked things out perfectly yet, but the new Characters page will probably look a little different. It may even contain less information in favor of avoiding spoilers for newcomers
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So, this is my ADHD self, just itemizing everything that needs to be done in the coming months. I don't usually do stuff like this, but I'm trying something different. Like, whether I completed an 11 year comic or not, I'm still incredibly absent-minded and very prone to procrastination. So anything I can do to help myself along is probably for the better. ^^; And I'm sharing this because I wanted to be transparent about what it is I'm doing right now, and what my goals are. The bottom line is that I want to begin My Impossible Soulmate, but I'm afraid if I jump in to that before finishing the books, they'll just never happen. So, I feel as though the books must happen first. How long does this take, then? I don't know. In theory, if I checked off just one box everyday (not counting the ones already checked), it would take about four months, give or take. But some things will probably take longer than a day, while others can reasonably be done much, much faster. For what
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I played and beat a lot of games for the first time in 2021. Money's been a little tighter this year (while I save up for my teeth), so I haven't bought many new games compared to other years (and most of it was either on sale or very graciously gifted to me). So while I did get a few, most of my year has been spent with me starting on a new personal journey to play as many retro games as I can - mostly JRPGs - that I either simply missed in my childhood, or I was straight up never able to play (due to no localization). I received a controller for my phone this past year where emulation is surprisingly good, and so I ended up playing a lot while watching things. It's been a ton of fun, and extremely fulfilling for me. ^_^ *** And in terms of anime, I admit I watched a lot of duds this year. But the ones that were good... were really good. (And what was bad really sucked!) XD Most of the time, when I do these things, I'll do mini-reviews on my top three, but I... am not
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HI Jocelyn, I want to wish you a very happy birthday and all the wishes for your future. I also want to thank you for creating Rain the series, it has been an inspiration to me as not only a transgirl myself but as an artist/writer too. I always wanted to comment on the site and say hi but was too self conscious of myself back then. Anyways I hope you enjoy the day beautifully and can’t wait to see My Impossible Girlfriend when it’s released. Until then,


Hi Jocelyn - happy Slugs-Return-from-Capistrano Day! Have you had the chance to thank a slow-moving, slimy friend yet?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday week! Enjoy some cake and doodle something for fun.

Remember me? Wow your not easy to find lol