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Amaterasu mother of us all



Holycrapcuttingitclose. I hope I got it in on time.

Okami entry, sorry for freakin hugeness, but it's what DA required. Fanart of Okami, probably the greatest game ever made. Amaterasu vs. Orochi. He's a Total BAMF. Oh Painter, I love your sum-i brush oh-so much.

All assets in this piece were hand painted by ME. The texture was scanned in, nothing was borrowed or stolen.

Okami © Clover Studios/Capcom

EDIT// AHH fixed the size to be more monitor friendly. Just download for fullsize <3
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You don't know the irony I've been in with this game. I watched Chugga's LP of it,and ages later,got the sequel. Okamiden. Even MORE ages later,I find the original here for rent or so at my local library,and I COULDN'T GET IT. You wanna know why? The previous winter break before,a robber broke into my house through my window while me and my mom were at the bookstore,and stole my Wii,17 games,both Wii and Gamecube,some of the accessories,and my sister's TV. So I couldn't get the copy of Okami BECAUSE OF A BLOODY THIEF.

Yeah,it's really that bad.
This rant was brought to you by 8:00 AM.