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Since I've been posting tons of art from the game, I figured I should post a little FAQ about it. Please note that I'm not actually part of the development team, so I can't directly answer any of your questions. However, I can direct you to someone who can :)

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The Endless Realms website, with race, class, and world info, along with FAQ and contact info

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What is Endless Realms?

Endless Realms is a pen and paper roleplaying game, similar to Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, and Shadowrun.  It is designed to be a fantasy game, although it uses a d10 system that could be potentially applied to any setting.

When will it be out?

Since the game is so early in development, Endless Realms is not expected to be published and ready for sale for at least another year or two.  After all, the project only started a few months ago!

Who will the game appeal to?

Endless Realms is being designed to appeal to a broad audience: anyone should be able to pick up the rule book, skim it quickly, and be able to play immediately without difficulty, hopefully bringing in new and casual players previously stymied by the complexity of other PnP games.  The system will be fast and easy to learn and play, streamlined to allow fast character creation and permitting GMs to easily run spontaneous, on the spot campaigns.  However, the system also promises vast customization, allowing new and veteran players alike countless possibilities for roleplaying unique and interesting characters and campaigns, and creating custom classes, races, and monsters, limited only by their imagination.

Why is it called Endless Realms?

The developers are committed to doing their best to create a game that has "endless" possibilities!  They also intend to release a number of different campaign settings, or "realms", from which players can choose.

What kind of system is it?

Endless Realms will have a comparative d10 system, chosen because the developers felt it lowered the influence of random chance without eliminating it entirely, and to allow modifications such as bonuses and penalties on rolls to have a larger impact.  The developers feel power should be in the hands of the player, not luck.

What sort of playable races will there be?

The developers wanted to move away from the standard traditional races found in most fantasy games - as such, the only familiar race you can expect to see is Human.  All other races will be unique, original species custom-created for Endless Realms, each with their own racial skill sets.  While race development is far from complete, so far races include a plant race, animal-based races, and races never before seen, as well as the usual option of Human.

What about bestiary monsters?  Can they be playable characters or PC companions?

Absolutely (unless your GM says otherwise, of course)!  The developers want it to be easy for a GM or player to create new races, or allow players to use existing bestiary monsters as potential player templates.  There will be the ability to have monsters as companion animals, but likely only for select classes.

Speaking of classes, what sort of classes will there be?

Expect to see a combination of old and new classes - some will be familiar fantasy PnP classes, while others will be brand-new.  Each class is designed to allow vast customization - do you want your character to focus on defensive capabilities and crowd control?  Doing mass amounts of damage?  Or always having the right skills for those tricky moments in and out of combat?  You could have a party of only elementalists, and each would play differently with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Are the bestiary creatures and playable races "open species"?  Can I make my own OCs based on them?

Yes, they are open, so you may!  The developers would be thrilled to see any original characters you make, and you're welcome to use them for personal enjoyment, or to commission works of your OCs.  They ask, however, that no OCs based on Endless Realms creatures or races be used in any commercial form (such as being made available for print).

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have they released a pdf yet ???
because i wold like to take a look at Endless Realms!!  
where can i get a PDF??