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Interested in a Commission?

Thank you for taking an interest in commissioning me :)  Please be sure to read my Terms of Service (ToS) before paying - paying for a commission acknowledges that you have read and agreed to my ToS.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)

Any and all commission inquiries may be sent to

The Process

Firstly, if you're interested in a commission, I need information from you!  Here's an example form you can use, if you'd like, that includes the sort of information I'm looking for:

  • Email address: (for correspondence & sending files)
  • Medium: (traditional or digital?)
  • Style: (sketch? lineart? cartoony/cellshaded? realistic?)
  • The Idea: (brief description of your idea for the image, what's going on)
  • Subject(s): (description of any characters)
  • Background: (description of any background)
  • Desired Size: (roughly how big you want the image, in pixels or inches)
  • Limited Budget? (if possible, I can try to keep the image within your budget - may not be possible)
  • Deadline? (if there's a deadline, please let me know ASAP!  please give me at least 3 weeks' notice!)
  • Commercial Rights? (if you need the commercial rights for the image, please let me know!)
  • Original? (if it's a traditional commission, do you want the original, and if so, what's your address?)

    • Private? (if you want the commission to be kept a secret, please tell me!)

Next, I will give you a price quote, and we can discuss time and money required for what you'd like done.  This will likely include waiting on a waitlist, although in rare occasions I can immediately attend to a person's requests.

When it's your turn and I'm ready to start your commission, I will confirm your interest and require a minimum 50% advance payment before work can start.  I accept Paypal only.  Upon receiving payment, I will draw up a rough sketch for you and send it to you for review.

At this point, we discuss any necessary revisions required before I move on.  Once you confirm the revisions, any future major revisions (including redraws and/or changes in original commission information) may result in additional charges to be determined by me on a case-by-case basis.

While working on the image, depending on its complexity, I will likely send you work-in-progress (WIP) images for you to review, and you may request minor changes as I work.  Any major revisions that could have been requested at earlier reviews may incur additional charges.

Once I have completed your commission, I require full payment (if not already paid in full) before sending you your finished work.  If you requested the original copy of a traditional commission, you are responsible for paying any material, shipping and handling costs.  If you requested a digital piece, I will send you all original files (including .psd and .ai files) as well as a full-resolution, unwatermarked .jpg file.

Terms of Service/Artwork Usage Rights

Unless otherwise negotiated ahead of time...

  • I must be able to contact you reliably.  Failure to respond in a timely manner (within two weeks) may result in you losing your commission spot.
  • I require an advance payment for all commissions, no exception, due when I'm ready to begin work.
  • A rough sketch and any WIPs will be sent to you for review and minor revisions - any major changes to the original commission information may result in additional costs at my discretion.
  • We both have the right to publicly display the artwork online or elsewhere, or otherwise make personal usage of the artwork.
  • In cases of original commissions, you are responsible for any and all shipping and handling costs, and I will not be held responsible for anything damaged or lost in the mail.
  • In cases of adult subject matter, you assert and affirm that you are of legal age to view and purchase items of an adult nature by commissioning me.
  • I retain ALL commercial rights to the artwork.  You cannot make commercial use of the artwork without my permission.
  • You retain ALL commercial rights to your personal characters in the artwork.  I cannot make commercial use of the artwork without your permission.
  • I retain the right to modify, edit, or reuse the artwork in part or whole following commission completion at my discretion.
  • You retain the right to modify, edit, or reuse the artwork in part or whole following commission completion at your discretion, provided it is not for commercial use.
  • I retain the right to cancel a commission at any time should you a) violate my rights, b) fail to respond or send payment in a timely manner (several weeks), c) harass or threaten me, or are otherwise rude or hostile.
  • You retain the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason, but money cannot be refunded for work already done (even if incomplete). Cancelling a commission results in your losing your commission slot.

Acceptable Subject Matter

I prefer wildlife, nature, fantasy, dark, and anthro art.  I tend not to prefer urban, industrial, technical, or mechanical subjects.  I am willing to do mature or erotic artwork, and will consider any subject, although I reserve the right to decline the request.

In short, I will happily consider any and all subject matters, but may not necessarily accept them for commission.  Certain subject matters that I find challenging may result in additional costs.

Waiting Times & the Wait List

Unless otherwise negotiated, I work on each commission on the waiting list in roughly chronological order, but waiting list order is susceptible to change in accordance to client responses or lack thereof.  Therefore, any estimate of waiting time is approximate and subject to change without notice.

Please allow at least three weeks' notice for any deadline.  Failure to give proper notice may result in a non-negotiable "rush" fee.

The wait list can be found in my deviantArt journal and is updated every few days.

Acceptable Methods of Payment and Paypal Information

I accept Paypal only as a personal payment to, although in rare exceptions I will accept a trade instead.  I reserve the right to request funds in either USD or CAD at my discretion.  This is to ensure I lose a minimum amount of money to Paypal fees.

General Conduct Guidelines

Please be straightforward, polite, and patient.  You are entitled to be picky about your commission, but ensure that any criticism is constructive, directed/specific, and helpful - I cannot improve the work if you merely tell me "it looks wrong" when you really mean "his face is too thin and nose should be longer."  Feel free to be casual :)

© 2010 - 2021 jocarra
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Icemoonthehybrid's avatar
Are you open to commissions? I'd so how much would it be for a reference sheet of my furry? Also, could I pay you in points? I'm not old enough for PayPal
jocarra's avatar
No, I'm afraid I'm not open for commissions, nor do I accept payment in points.  Sorry!
SandstormVI's avatar

Your art is absolutely amazing, and I'd love to have a piece of art of my OC, but supposedly, it'd be quite expensive, wouldn't it? She is a steampunk lion basically XD Since one of her legs is made out of metal and gears, it would be more expensive, wouldn't it? Since it's sort of "mechanical". :P
jocarra's avatar
Thank you very much!

Please note that I'm closed for commissions, and likely won't open until some time next year.  As for "expensive", that's a matter of perspective, really ;P  And what exactly you're looking for - since I work in a number of styles and in a fairly wide price range (from $20 up).

For instance, something like Sketch Commission - Making the Shot by jocarra Sketch Commission - Hail to the King by jocarra Icon Commission - A Laugh a Day by jocarra will be significantly cheaper (<$60) than something large and highly detailed, like Commission - Herald of the Storm by jocarra Commission - This Island, Earth by jocarra <da:thumb format="200H" id="414419035"> ($150+) - number of characters and extent of background detail are also important factors.
SandstormVI's avatar
Hmm...Maybe I'll request something when you're open for them :o Something simple of my OC, like the one left of the leopard headshot.
DarKestcreagirl's avatar
I'd love to see about commissioning you when you are accepting them again. I was curious on your price range for something like your wolf mates paintings. :)
jocarra's avatar
Hello there!  Glad to hear it!  Unfortunately, since I've been doing a lot of contract work lately, I don't have much time for my usual freelance commissions, so I can't guarantee I'll be opening before the end of the year.  Prices vary depending on your exact request, budget constraints, and things like amount of detail, number of characters, complexity of subjects and background, desired style/level of realism, etc, plus I do try to accommodate varying budgets.  For an image like those found in my Wolf Mates series (many of them are quite old now, so commissioned work would be higher quality), though, anywhere between $150-300. :)
DarKestcreagirl's avatar
Oh I wasn't in a hurry.  It's an idea for an eventual special gift to my boyfriend for the both of us. I call him my golden wolf. XD It's a joke/endearment we have. Ive always wanted to eventually try to have something made to symbolize that. Your wolves are I think the most gorgeous on DA. Odds are by the time you open up for commissions again, I may have the money. XD It'll be worth it.  :)
jocarra's avatar
Thank you kindly, glad to hear it <3
Awsassin's avatar
Do you do point commissions?
jocarra's avatar
iVickery's avatar
I know currently you wouldn't take any commissions but i'd really like to know what kind of designs you'd reject?
jocarra's avatar
If it has any sort of animal, human, nature, or fantasy element, it'll likely NOT be rejected (eg. mythical creatures, wildlife, anthros, people portraits, natural landscapes).  If it has primarily science fiction, mechanical, technical, robotic, urban elements, then it MIGHT be rejected (eg.  spaceship battle, giant Japanese mech, skyscrapers).  If it's adult in nature but "vanilla" then it'll likely NOT be rejected (eg. nude pin-up, two characters in romantic/sexual situation).  If it's adult in nature but "extreme" or belongs to an unusual fetish, it MIGHT be rejected (but feel free to ask anyway).

I have about 9 years of commission experience online - I have only rejected a handful of commissions (less than five, probably) based on their subject/content.
iVickery's avatar
Would you reject drawing this design?…

okay this is the terribly crappy ref… (the star is actually on the back of the ear but since I sucked at drawing so much it kinda ended up to the side)
jocarra's avatar
No.  Anything animal is generally fine.
iVickery's avatar
thanks for letting me know ^^
Parabite's avatar
I know you're not currently open to commissions (that's fine, I don't have money atm anyway xD) but how much would a realistic digital character on a medium-large scale and no background be? (Character:… )
jocarra's avatar
I will note you :)
Parabite's avatar
InsaneRoman's avatar
One of these days. ;)
DeathRiver's avatar
If I had paypal, I'd want one of those for christmas :(
jocarra's avatar
Heh, aww - why do you need Paypal if you'd be getting it for Christmas?  It's not quite "getting it for Christmas" if you have to pay for it yourself!
DeathRiver's avatar
My parents don't have paypal either XD
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