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The Lost World Paruda - Map



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TRIPARTITVS - the Lost World of Paruda

"Many would describe the people of Raziel as primitive in their ways and antiquated in their beliefs, but few would describe the Raziel-aiya as without richness of culture, for theirs is filled with the lore and tantalizing secrets of days long forgotten.

"The Raziel-aiya are divided into two people, the Niyotael and the Ahghaeri. While the eleven tribes of Ahghaeri are known to have given rise to both daughter-nations Aldyr and Barrow long ago, it is the twelfth tribe, the Niyotael, that best keeps the dark mystique that characterizes this ancient people. Most easily distinguished from their plains-dwelling brothers by their darker complexion, ebony hair, and the fact that they are most at home within the jungles and forests of the deepest wild, the Niyotael often serve to symbolize the passion of the Raziel-aiya for the pursuit of spiritual balance and oneness with the elements of both Sun and Moon, as symbolized in their religion by the Scale of Raziel.

"Razielians have always dwelled in what wilderness remains in the world, adopting either a nomadic lifestyle or building small, self-sufficient villages, most surviving tribes cling to the region known as Paruda, hailed as the Cradle of Humanity and place to which their lord Raziel descended to give to them the Three Gifts. However, little of this place remains in the worlds New and Ancient - following the Battle of Korah and Great Division, Paruda separated to create the Third World of Three. It is thought that the true paradise of the Raziel-aiya is preserved in this Third World, until then ignored, but now lost to all forever, save the Guardian..."

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An excruciatingly detailed old-world style map of the Lost World Paruda, the third and last world making up the Tripartitus, the three-part universe featuring in my story of the same name, The Tripartitus.

All fonts were made from scratch in Illustrator, except the "Greater Juubai/Niyotael/etc." font.

All graphics were also made from scratch in Illustrator, including the triquetra in the top left, which alone took about three hours to make absolutely perfect.

Yes, all mountains and trees were hand-drawn individually.

~30 hours Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS3.
121MB .PSD file requiring ~1GB of memory
Original 3000x2000 pixels @ 300dpi
150 layers unmerged

Story, concepts, etc. © Jen Philpot (The Tripartitus)
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My word this looks like Milo James Thatch himself drew this map for a seminar on Atlantis. This is great Cartography. I'd love to see the Island of Claigh (clay) my fictional home of the Cobden Valley Railway be mapped out this well.