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Goddess of the Moon


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“Legend claims that long ago, when all of humanity still lived as a single people, qarin were not sea creatures, but rather winged beasts that terrorised  our ancient ancestors.  They were so fearsome and so bloodthirsty that they threatened to annihilate the race of man entirely, but the Divine Lord sent an army of Angels to cast them down to the deepest depths of the ocean.  He sent His daughter, Lura – the Moon, Goddess of darkness and night, and lover of the hunt – to lead the battle.  Alone, she wrestled the colossal qarin broodmother to the earth, for only the Goddess had the strength to do so.  Lura tore off the qarin queen’s wings then, condemning all her kind to the depths, and creating the great crater lake Juubaiala where she threw down the monstrous creature for good."  </span>

Artwork & The Tripartitus © Jen Elliott
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Thank you <333

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Thanks a lot <3

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you're welcome :)

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Very wonderful!!
It's divine!
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Thank you so much! ^^; :thanks:

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Huhh, it's very impressive... As if we just seeing a very complex symbol system.... As it appear the symbols of moon phases and/or celestial bodies in single artwork. And the display of the contrast between light (fire/sun/sky) and darkness(space/shade/deep) is also fascinating. ^.^

Serious and beautiful! ^.^

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Thank you so much <333 It's very much appreciated :thanks:

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My pleasure! ^.^

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