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Endless Realms bestiary - Opal Dragon

Bestiary artwork for Endless Realms, a D&D-like "pen and paper" fantasy RPG I'm working for.

Opal - potent, chimerical, any element but unpredictable

Differing from other dragon concepts in the game so far, this dragon isn't a demigod or avatar of a particular elemental or cosmic force.  For the gemstone dragons, I was given almost entirely free reign, so I decided to take inspiration from historical and pagan lore.

Concept & Artwork © 2014-2017 Lunar Games Inc.

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Hi Jen!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your work once again, this time in a post called October Birthstone Dragons by Various Artists on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I love this piece, the "play of color" artistic effects and the three tails are wonderful!  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the amazing work!