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Commission - Hunter's Grace

Full illustration commission for DeviousFates of his D&D character, Ecate Silverclaw.

~31 hours Adobe Photoshop
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© 2021 jocarra
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SethGodofChaos's avatar

A really hot cat. It reminds me a little bit of Sekhmet.

jocarra's avatar

Haha, yes, very Sekhmet if the armour were Egyptian rather than Greek! Thank you :)

yifflvr's avatar

Nice pic. Love a sexy kitty.

jocarra's avatar
raptorzs's avatar

Holy WOW!! that looks fantastic!! WOW!!

jocarra's avatar

Thank you so much ^^; :thanks:

Sevian's avatar

Oh, this is quite lovely. :o :)

jocarra's avatar

Thanks so much :D Glad you like it :)

VeronHelstein's avatar

speechless! abdolutely stunning!

jocarra's avatar

Thank you so much :thanks:

NecroTechno's avatar

Absolutely gorgeous work, but I have some doubt that a 'standard' hoplite helmet would fit onto a lioness' skull, since their snout protrude quite a bit further out from their heads than a human's nose, so the faceplate wouldn't fit unless shaped differently.

jocarra's avatar

Thank you kindly! I know what you mean - I put in ear holes and a took a token stab at projecting the nose guard a bit more, but it's not particularly obvious. You're definitely right, though!

CaptainPrower's avatar

I'd say she's extremely beautiful, but why do I get the feeling she'd kill anyone who saw her like this?

Because she would.
jocarra's avatar

Hahah, thanks! The art direction I was given was that she caught the viewer peeping but doesn't mind putting on a show ;P

SueaNoi's avatar

breath-takingly beautiful!

jocarra's avatar

Thank you kindly :)

ardashir's avatar

What a magnificent lioness.

jocarra's avatar

Thank you kindly :)

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