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Thanks to everyone for your comments and support! ;)



When will it be finished?
I cannot give an exact date as to when I can finish a commission. I have to work on other commissions/personal projects, it usually takes me 1 - 2 weeks.

For more details email me



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Greetings. Longtime fan of your work. The commission link does not work. Are you still open for commissions? Thanks
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ok thank you! sent an email
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Cuanto cobras en dólares más o menos? 
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Your work is brilliant - amongst the best I've seen.
Do you create these from photographs or live models?
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It depends, sometimes customers send me photo references and sometimes my mind or a mixture of both.
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Thank you for your reply, which I have just found.
Your work is truly inspirational and I would be very happy if I ever achieve just a little of your skill.
I am sure that many 'pin up' artists work from posing professional models but that route requires significant up front costs.
I tend to use existing photos of well known celebs and change them to create a new image.
Anyway, good luck with your work and thanks again for your comments.
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Great creations, you must have a liking for Sorayama, Olivia, & Serpieri, except your all digital.
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Will there be a Black Friday type sale on commissions anytime soon? *gives hopeful expression*
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i saw you do single characters and listed other listings, but what if i commissioned you to color one of my images, how much would that be?
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Color commissions rates

Prices depend on content but start at $70 for single character limited-background artwork.

1. Single character, color (limited or not background) USD $70
2. Single character and machine o more complex, color USD $95
3. Two characters, color (limited or not background) USD $100
4. Three characters, color(limited background or not background). USD $120
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gotcha, hopefully I'll have something for ya soon=]
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Beg pardon...I've always wanted to know this...what is a PSP Tube?
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PSP tubes or "Paint Shop Pro tubes" are high quality clip art graphic images that sit on a transparent background.
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Ahhhh. I figured. Awesome. ^^
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you soooooo have to make some tutorials!!! i want your skills so bad!!
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I'm sorry but I have a free short time and my English is soooooo bad.
In any case if I encourage me I put something. Basically I utilize only the diffuse paintbrush like painting with spray.
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