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Commission - Miranda Lawson

By jocachi
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Model - Denise Milani
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Superb job :happybounce:

That is a good Miranda indeed :nod:

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This is a fantastic work; and the reason I love commissioning Jocachi! I love how he has captured both Denise and Miranda in this picture. Well Done!

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I admit I'm both mad Denise Milani and Mass Effect fan, but I never was a fond of low quality models in game, Miranda especially with it's broken proportions and constant camera ass panning shots to the point of creating its own meme industry lol .

Here you made Miranda the Ultimate Space Babe, with the help of most amazing model walking on this planet. Super well done! :heart: 11/10 :heart:

Now Miranda's claim about her perfect genetics is true, in game her physique looks like botched eugenics. :giggle:

Submitted to ME-FanClub this instance.

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Miranda was always the ultimate space babe. And I don't think she looked any worse than any of the other characters in the second game, and I don't think her proportions are any more off than anyone else's. With that said, I am hoping that that ME remaster that everyone keeps talking about actually happens. Would love to see how everyone looks, Miranda included, with current-gen graphics.

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Let's agree to disagree on this, especially in ME2 Miranda's LOD was atrocious and proportions were completely unnatural unless BW wanted to portray her as a giant butt anorectic. Certainly BW was into buttocks fetish during ME 2/3 development. ;)

As for remaster. If the only way for BW is to resurrect Trilogy by remaster that's really sorry state. Remaster doesn't equal re-work with new interface. Remaster that's just graphics and few tweaks. 4K texture packs used for mods look spectacular. I no longer can play Trilogy without ALOT for example. EA's Frostbite engine is vastly inferior vs Unreal when it comes to facial detail and animation of a character. I would love full Trilogy re-work on new Unreal :la:, from scratch, but its EA we talking about, cheapest always win and for sure they won't pay Epic for Unreal rights. I'm sure they will smuggle also in-game purchases for ME1 even.

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I have no idea what LOD means. But she doesn't come off as a giant to me at all.

Obviously it would be nice if the ME trilogy re-do that's rumored has more than just a graphics update, but honestly I'd settle for even that just to have an excuse to play the trilogy on Xbox One. Hopefully the trilogy remake will also have some improved or added features, but those could be bad instead of good if they're not done well. Warcraft III: Reforged is a great example of that; it looked nicer, but a litany of bugs and other problems meant that the differences were weaknesses rather than strengths. I want the Mass Effect Trilogy remake to be more than just a graphics update, but not if the changes are for the worse.

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LOD, Level of Detail with regard to 3D models mesh. Low poly(gons), very boxy, light and good for game industry. High poly very detailed, smoothed and realistic. Very or extremely resource intensive. Never used for games.

And yeah, consoles need remaster badly as graphic material is really outdated and low-res. PC is in better place, especially ME3 with texture packs looks just jaw dropping.

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Why would you use her as a model?.. *googles name* I see...

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I thought I recognized the model! This is a really great job of Miranda.

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Denise Milan’i is a good reference choice for Miranda. :)
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Yvonne Strahovski would have been the better choice I think. It IS her likeness the game used after all.

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That's a fun fact. I see the likeness in the face. For DA pin-up purposes, Denise is well suited to fill Miranda's shoes.

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Fair enough. Even so, if they ever do a Mass Effect movie or anything else LA and Miranda's in it, I want Yvonne as first choice for the role.

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