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Dedicated to 12 21 2012 12aprilOII by JobobArikan
w a v e s by JobobArikan

Empty yourself of everything.
Let the mind become still.
The ten thousand things rise and fall
while the Self watches their return.
They grow and flourish ...
and then return to the source.

Returning to the source is stillness,
which is the way of nature.

The way of nature is unchanging.
Knowing constancy is insight.
Not knowing constancy
leads to disaster.
Knowing constancy,
the mind is open.
With an open mind,
you will be openhearted.
Being openhearted,
you will act wisely.
Being wise, you will
attain the divine.

Being divine, you will be
at one with the Tao.
Being at one with the Tao
is eternal.

And though the body dies,
the Tao will never pass away.

~Lao Tsu
Tao te Ching

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WOA trippy... in a good way that is :)