I see DeviantArt has decided to start compressing submissions horribly. Disgusting. I don't pour hours into art just to see it get destroyed by artifacts.

If this is simply an error, that's well and good. But if it's intentional and persists, I'm not sure if I'll have any motivation to put anything here from now on. We'll see how things turn out.
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By Joazzz2
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haha you think that's bad

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How long have you had this issue?
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Noticed it 'bouta week before I joined. Persists accross multiple devices so I think it's an internet problem and I'm not willing to totally overhaul the Wi-Fi.
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Deviant art is being kind of homosexual
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Yeah this has happened to me for as long as I could remember, which is why I still mostly use moddb (not to mention over there allow multiple simultaneous uploads without any of that premium shit)
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hey i am not 100% sure this works on deviantart. but if you make your image as PNG and then have a single pixel in the corner with transparency, it will prolly keep it as png and not compress it. works on twitter and bunch of other sites too, apparently 
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This is genius, I'll try it out!
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It possibly has something to do with majority of links (download or just opening image in new tab) being in some weird hosting named wixmp and renamed the files also.
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Did I stutter?
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I noticed that as well, but afaik that has been there forever.
In my experience it helps to set the display option to 1920x1080.

Every time I try Original size, the fully expanded picture does have the original quality, but unless you enlarge it, the scaled down "preview" still has artifacts up the bum.

I generally advice everyone who looks at it to download my pictures, if they want them in the highest quality.
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You must set the display options resolution at highest when submitting any type of work 

Untitled by M-W-Y

setting any lower values results in dA automatically applying compression on the picture displayed on the website (pressing download button however gives uncompressed image)
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This is what I've done with each and every one of my works, checking them after uploading and ensuring that the process doesn't affect the image quality. They weren't compressed before. They are now, all of them. And it's just not my stuff - looking around the site, it's affecting everyone regardless of medium or style.
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it seems to be compressing stuff regardless of how you set it now, i've been setting all my latest stuff to original size and it's still crusty as all hell
the compression shit's also started applying to my old stuff as well
it is
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hmm, well I guess you should upload in PNG or Higher JPEG quality or else compressed JPEG getting uploaded and then getting double compressed by dA after will do this.

otherwise yes, dA might be pulling something new.

I haven't uploaded in a month so can't tell yet.
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It's a nobrainer to save the jpeg at quality 100, I'm not going to save a basic pic in png just to not get compressed

either way its stupid that they compress stuff now

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its modernity...

it killed dA.
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Yeah If I wanted to keep my shit uncompressed I'd use the discord art thread or something. Da should not be doing this and I'm very lenient to come back here anyway. :(
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